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Resolved! EIGRP Stub

Hi Expert I am middle of purchasing Cisco 9200 which essential or advantage license.What I know if switch with EIGRP Stub feature will not advertise subnet that it learns from other device to another device.What will happens if we configure subnet in...

Hi all, Is this requirement achievable ?  The CCTV cameras are on the subnet 192.168.8.x/24 network on a branch site. This branch site is directly connected through fiber link (routed port) to the core site and the branch site has a default route poi...

My cisco 3750E POE switch is setup with the following:3 separate Vlans,, On my switch, I can ping all the gateways and also the pc's on each vlan but on the pc's I can only ping the gateways of each vlan and not...

moman62 by Level 1
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EDIT 13-Jan-2020 - I found an ideal solution for my issue with the help of the posts below and a lot of searching around the Cisco documentation. In my case, I wanted to get back to the WebUI's "Day 0 configuration" tool to attempt to configure the s...

justin_m by Level 1
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Hello all,Having issues from users throughout the network in recent days, with apparent slowness.Our main L3 core is a Cisco 6509 with Sup32, 12.2(18)SXF11, and processor usage is anything between 60-90%.Processes showing high are ios-base and tcp.pr...

GR5516 by Level 1
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Greetings,I'm trying to add a new VLAN to a trunk port using the Cli on an FI switch. I can see the trunks through the nxos using show commands but I have to make configuration changes through the FI and unfortunately it's hot garbage. I didn't see t...

snyderkv by Level 1
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I'm sure this has been asked, but I can't find the most direct, and clear answer I am looking for.  I have a wireless network where I want to alleviate the load one my main backhaul. So, we have added a second link, to take half the network. I want t...

Hello all, I'm trying to configure some vlans on a 2950 we have in the office. It has some old configuration and I don't want to delete it, it shouldn't give me problems at all.   Now, I have vlan 100 and vlan 115, if I decide to issue the command "n...

JHVindasC by Level 1
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hii have 3850-48xs-s that configured as stackwiseand i conncet him with two interface 10g to 3850-12xs-sthe two switches configured as L2 switchesi dont want to use lacp between themi have two questions1.i want to use switch port backup (but the comm...

tikshoret by Level 1
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