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How should I go about in preparing for the lab? (R & S)Any recommended bootcamps (UK), lab material for practice etc..?Would be grateful for experienced answers :-)I think I should start with a structured daily schedule. But then count out the time I...

I am working on a solution to block traffic between hosts on the same subnet/VLAN to prevent lateral workstation communications. In my virtual lab (VIRL), I tested configurations using access-list and vlan access-map on IOS switch and it worked fine....

raazans01 by Level 1
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Hello,I'm fairly new to this, so I apologise if the solution is obvious.I'm trying to get the two PCs in vlan10(green) to communicate with each other, however I'm not sure how to do this with a third multilayer switch between them. The multilayer swi...

Stuart D by Level 1
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Hi all, My network environment is traditional 3 layers network, which is composed of Core, Aggregation and Edge.Core router is the place where we set gateway, and I also set Core's spanning tree priority with 8192 to make Core play as a root. Here is...

JaySu by Level 1
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Good afternoon,  I work for a company and we have a few Cisco WS-2950G-48-EI switches integrated into our network.  They are mainly used for monitoring servers/equipment/etc and also run a few things on our internal office network.  I am trying to fi...

Hi all, As the title suggests I'm creating a network which is a mix of Juniper and Cisco switches with a Juniper srx240 firewall as the gateway to the outside world. I have an existing network consisting of Juniper EX family switches with our data ce...

Hassaan by Level 1
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Hi Everyone,   I just failed the 300-135 with a score of 795 (needed 846 minimum). I don't mean to dispute the results but I want to share my concern. Roughly 70% of the questions were labs where you had to run some "show" commands and understand wha...

Dear Sir/Madam,      we have a compliated situation for a VSS on 65 platform      becase one VSS standby 65 chassis was not stable, active chassis went into recovery mode.     And onsite engineer disconnected all line of standby chassis then reloaded...

fly by Level 2
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