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Hello,I have created an ACL for a VLAN, we need it to block access to RFC1918 subnets, excepting for one DHCP server.So I have created that ACL:ip access-list extended Voice_VLAN_3610 permit udp any host eq bootps20 permit udp any host ...

Clem58 by Level 3
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Yo so I have been assigned to a new project, and tasked to oversee the maintenance and implementation of IE 1000's outdoor switches. My question ism what are your thought's with this machine? I know some would say its a dumb switch because most confi...

I have a plain Cisco 3650 switch. I need to transfer the running config from this switch to a PC running SCP (Solarwinds)The PC is directly connected to the switch & the ping is reachable between the switch and the PC.SCP is enabled in the solarwinds...

RS19 by Level 4
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Hello,My server connected into the switch with 10Gb speed and my NAS have 2 port 1Gb connected into the switch by using LACP.When i do copy from VM to the NAS, the traffic can't reach more than 1Gb and seem only one link on LACP utilize the traffic.H...

hs08 by Spotlight
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Hi there,Thanks for reading!I ran a capture on a C9200 with these parameters and only captured one-way traffic.  I was trying to see if the server at the destination IP was responding and thought that 3rd line Direction: Both would reveal the traffic...


We got a few brand new Cisco 9300 switches with the Network Module 9300-NM-4G. We setup the interface info correctly for the trunk and no shut the the port. I can see the SFP info and used different SFPs, but can't get any link.  #sh int g1/1/1 Gigab...

Rick001 by Level 1
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Can the express setup button be used for a reboot without reverting to factory configuration? The manual states there is a two step process.  Hold for 10 secs and it reboots.  Release and press again for 3 seconds and it factory resets.  Has anyone p...

rdunaway by Level 1
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Resolved! Dhcp not working

I have 3 vlans on a C9300 4 switches stackhave vlan 112 -> (data)       vlan 312 -> (voice)       vlan 221 -> (wireless)and a dedicated windows server for dhcp scopes for each single vlan. ( from...

mgutierr by Level 1
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I recently received a 2960s 24ts-lI executed the #sho ver commandIOS is 15.0.2 and a lot of things were reported.As you know there is nonoriginal equipment in the market, so How can I check the originality of this?I gonna to upgrade IOS to 152-2.E9 a...