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Hello!Jan 19 20:57:46 MSK: %SIBYTE-DFC3-4-SB_EXCESS_COLL: Excessive collisions on mac 1 (count: 263)Jan 19 20:57:46 MSK: %SIBYTE-DFC8-4-SB_EXCESS_COLL: Excessive collisions on mac 1 (count: 268)Jan 19 20:57:46 MSK: %SIBYTE-DFC7-4-SB_EXCESS_COLL: Exce...

Hi,   I have using a switch cisco 2960s-48ts-l. the cpu utilization of the switch more than 95% every times.  There is no dynamic arp inspection in enable but still HULC DAI process about 45%.   How to stop this ?     thanks debabrata  

Debudas123 by Level 1
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Hi all, I understand NAT is taking 1 internal IP, translating it into a routable public IP to the internet when going out of the router public facing interface.While port forwarding is more for incoming traffic, whereby access to a pubic IP's port is...

SJ K by Level 5
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I have a 2960X POE switch that I have used to isolate a server. I am using an ACL to limit user access to it and also have a backup appliance that needs to connect to the server to keep the backup's up to date. BUT... the backup server keeps losing c...

Tom.R by Level 1
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Cisco IOS Software, C2960X Software (C2960X-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(2)E3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3) Trying to accomplish the following on a 2960XR Takes this command: track 10 ip sla 11 reachability ip route tra...

collinsjl by Level 1
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I am new to smart licensing.  So i have registered these switches 9500 switches. But I have few questionsWhat if they loose communication to cloud, would the device fall back to eval?If it fallbacks's to eval/expires, do we get a notification of any ...

raj-toor by Level 1
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Hi there,I hope this forum is ok for posts like this in which I ask for clearance in a topic...So in order to send a packet between vlans i understand we need to change the switchport to trunk, But what is actually happening "behind the scenes" when ...

Help needed! We have 7004 Nexus switch and 3850 switch(C3850-24S-S) with 10GE Network Module(C3850-NM-2-10G) installed. The Nexus 7004 has 1/10 Gbps Ethernet Module, N7K-F248XP-25E. We bought 2 SFP-10G-LR from OSI. And they both show up from the "sh ...

ccomkim by Level 1
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I installed a 3850 switch and it can not activate NTP, TACACS services from external servers and I can not telnet out L2 network. My connection is through routed port. Could you help me?Networking

We have installed a C9300-48P and the downlink is on C9300-NM-4G/1000baseSX which is connected via MM.The link connects to WS-C4507R-E and the uplink is on WS-X4306-GB/1000baseSX. UDLD is enabled globally on theWS-C4507R-E and C9300-48P and  is const...