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Switch SF300 - Port Mirroring

Hi,   I have Cisco Switch SF300-48PP   I have only one Vlan (Vlan 1) and all ports in this Vlan         I configured Port Mirroring, but did not work as expected, I dont see any traffic (except ARP and local Multicast).   interface gigabitethernet2 p...

2018_08_04_15_57_29_MTPuTTY_Multi_Tabbed_PuTTY_.jpg 2018_08_04_15_55_17_SF300_48PP_48_Port_10_100_PoE_Managed_Switch.jpg

DHCP Conflicts on Core Switch

Hi Friend,   I am facing issue with one of IP DHCP scope, IP's are conflicting. The scope is configured on Core Switch. Please find below-required information.   Please help me to find the solution.   interface Vlan40 description "VOICE0

police cir and bandwidth remaining in same class map

Hi -   How to read below qos commands in "same" Class-map?   Class Qos  bandwidth remaining X %  police cir Y% conform-action transmit exceed drop   I am reading them as follow: #1 When there is a congestion, bandwidth remaining X % command will be u...

TCAM by Beginner
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Sup led status is orange??

HI,i have chassis 4507R with WS-X4516  sup , the status led of the sup is Orangeand this is the output?what is the problem even the sup is working ok?ABS_Core_SW#sh environmentno alarmChassis Temperature                    = 38 degrees CelsiusChassis...

Resolved! loopguard blocking inconsistent port causes neighboring switch to fail and drop SVI interfaces spanning-tree issue

I am uploading a topology diagram here. I believe I have the answer already, but I am confused as to what I was seeing. During a switch replacement, I know it looks sloppy but this is not the end result. Switch B has loopguad enabled globally. it shu...

leejm1988 by Beginner
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WS-C3850 upgrade to 16.3.6 from 3.6.3

Apologies if this is in the wrong  - this new layout is not the most intuitive.   We have upgraded a stack of 3850 switches to 16.3.6 from 3.6.3 where we used 802.1x for authenticating workstations attaching to the network. After the upgrade there ar...

sdawson35 by Beginner
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Cisco 2960x Vlans cannot access internet

Greetings   While i have some knowledge of ccna, ive spent afew days now unsuccessfully configuring this 2960x switch to let its 2nd vlan access the internet (via going through vlan 1 into the primary LAN)   I have two vlans: vlan 1 (default) - 172.1...

Nick8 by Beginner
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IP Multicsting L3 Switch

Hello everyone,   I have a problem receiveing a multicast stream on a same vlan. My toplolgy - attached too - is as following:   SW1: configured with one vlan (vlan 80) and two hosts (host for multicast stream and the other for receiving, Rcvr -01. S...