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Hi All,   I am going to be installing a few 9300 switches at my location and I am looking for a guide or information about activating the inbuilt WLC on this platform.   Does anyone have any guides or information on how to activate this feature set? ...

John King by Beginner
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I'm currently have several WS-C3850-24T, 16.12.08 (CAT3K_CAA-UNIVERSALK9)I'm monitoring with Observium and it's showing that the current temperature value is beyond the "Min Warn" value.This value is being read from the devices.  (if I manually chang...

Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 8.08.22 AM.png Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 9.23.44 AM.png Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 8.09.13 AM.png

So this is my first attempt at a stackwise virtual (C3850), however I think this also applies to other flavours of stacking apart from vPC.  The switch with the lower mac address obtained the #1, which is not what I intended.  (basically it is physic...

I need 2 type of switches: Access switch (Qty - 7) - with 48 1Gb RJ45 & atleast 2 10G RJ45 ports, stackable(Group 1 - Need to stack 4 swicthes and Group 2 need to stack 3 switches )Core Switch (Qty 1)- 16 or 24 port(8 10Gb RJ45 & rest 1G/10G RJ45 por...

navneet-k1 by Beginner
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Hi Guys,Recently ran into a problem. I enabled a simple 802.1x authentication on the switch and recently noticed that some ports had a large number of MAC addresses, when in fact only one PC was connected to that interface. Do you have any suggestion...

Hevin27 by Beginner
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Im trying to have inter vlan routing using layer 3 switch but failed. Below is the routing table of layer 3 switch. Any help is highly appreciated. Gateway of last resort is to network is directly connected, Vl...

bobson143 by Beginner
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I have the Cisco IE-4000-4S8P4G-E Switch and when I connect a Cisco GLC-SX-MMD transmitter into port range 1/5-1/8 I get a %PHY-4-SFP_NOT_SUPPORTED: The SFP in Fa1/6 is not supported. I can use the same transmitter in port range 1/1-1/4 and it connec...

Hi All,I have 2960 Cisco switch. After I turn the switch off and back on and I get the "Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]: " message again and the config is lost.Please any suggestion would be appreciated.Thanks,Yared...

yaredo70 by Beginner
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