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Resolved! To Bundle or Not to Bundle

I have a network and am installing 3650's to replace 2811's. I am using the 3650 as a layer 2 switch and do not need all of the services that come with the bundles image of the 3650.  Is it better to use a single .bin image at boot, or use the bundle...

Create "line vty"

Dear guys,      I need your help, when i config, i use the command "no line vty 0 4" and try to create it again by command "line vty  0 4" but it's errors. So help me to create it again.   Brs!


DCNM - Free options

Can anyone advise what options are available for free on DCNM? I am just working out what I can or can't do with an unlicensed version As far as I can see the initial install comes with a 30 day advanced license   I will just be managing 9ks for VXLA...

Traffic problems when one VPC member is down

Hello, We've a "Classic VPC" scenario (VPC topology attached). We noticed - when one VPC member port is down (whole user port-channel in one NEXUS). We're starting to experiance issues with that user traffic. Sometimes it's very slow or with loss. We...

from88 by Participant
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Stack Member Console Access

Hi Guys,   We have 2 stacked switches (WS-C2960XR-24TD-I). One is configured as a Master and the other as Member.    I changed the console password on the Master switch and that works fine. I plugged into the console port of the member and I can see ...

svetlinski by Beginner
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Some packets going to standby asa

Hello,   We have a unusual problem with our LAN, we have 2 x ASA (active/standby) and 2 pairs of stacked switches for distribution and then access stacks connected to them.  For a particular vlan we are seeing certain destination hosts are unreachabl...

Cat 6807 Platform QoS on Etherchannel

We have migrated from a 6500 to a 6807 switch and I have the platform qos trust cos command under the Port Channel interfaces but when I show queuing on the interfaces in the channel they show as trust DSCP and I am seeing lots of Cos Changes under t...

Resolved! Cisco REP support on a C9300

hi all I'm about to order a Catalyst 9300 (C9300-24T). I need the REP technology. I have read datasheet and ordering guide, REP is supported in the most recent IOS, but there are no informations about the software purchase. Is it supported in the "ne...

Luca.M by Beginner
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cisco 4500x-16SFP switch upgrade in VSS

Hi Expert ,    i am planning to upgrade the ios for cisco 4500 switch ( 1 rack chassis  ) which is in vss , from 03.05.03.E to 03:08:x ..    i am going to follow the below steps , but when i did upgrade last time ios upgrade i faced vss break issue  ...

Vivek by Beginner
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Resolved! Default-gateway in switch

I have 5 vlans In core vlans are vlan 10 ( for Management Switch  Vlan20 ( for  Sales Vlan30( for HR Vlan 40 ( for IT Vlan 50 ( for  Account and I have 20 access layer switch Then...

Resolved! QoS on Cisco 4500x Port-channel

Hi,   I am trying to configure de Auto-QoS on a cisco 4500 port-channel and for some reason i can only configure the input service policy. Can anyone explain me how to do it or share the documentation link.   Regards Gonçalo Reis

VSS Problem - Port Channel

We have two switches in VSS from where we are connecting a server configuring port channel on VSS. - SW1=======SW2 (in VSS) - Server having two uplinks connecting to VSS. - Server's one uplink is getting connected on Gig1/1/9 (SW1-VSS) a...