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Hi AllThere are 4 switches in the DC, 3 switches are configured as MST and by mistake one switch is PVST. This is causing an issue now so am looking to change that one PVST switch to MST. All switches are L2, the PVST switch has got only 10 L2 vlans ...

In 3064 with QoS and VPC for server virtualization configuration, input and CRC errors appear as shown below.Which one should I check?NIC replacement and cable replacement are complete. ================================== #show run --omit---- policy-m...

Good day how can I get GBLP configured on WS-C3850-12S. new switch, and no option it.tried running license right-to-use activate ipservices all acceptEULA cmd but no luck. ip routing enabled.Switch Ports Model SW Version SW Image Mode------ ----- ---...

gm45 by Beginner
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We have a very basic Inter-Vlan routing setup on Cisco IE2000 switches. Devices in each Vlan can reach their respective gateways and route between each other. Now, the problem is, some devices on Vlan 161 do not support configuration of a default gat...

ronit by Beginner
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Dear Friend,Please find the below Loop avoidance mechanism.Loop avoidance mechanism on EIGRP:Secondary Ad< Primary FDLoop avoidance mechanism on BGP:EBGP:Verify the AS number, If the AS no. is the part of it's own As no. then It will reject the packe...

Hi Experts,   we have L2 EVPN vxlan fabric. our multicast source is connected on VTEP-1 and receivers are connected ion VTEP-2. Both source and receivers are connected via access switch(L2) to vxlan network i can see IGMP group on access switch but n...

Hi I just got this CBS220-24T-4G approx. 1 month ago. I saw them restarting by its own a couple of times since then. I tried to figure how to open a support case with CISCO but I failed to find out how. So, anyone out there who has got an idea what I...

dialsc by Beginner
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We have a few 2960x that do not seem to boot either to a failed firmware or no firmware at all and enters the boot prompt. We have been trying to copy our firmware to these devices without much success. I tried a USB stick in which I formatted with a...

mkono87 by Beginner
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