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i have switch 2960-X with version 15.0 have updated to 15.2 but after update to newer version , uplink was down and shows me cisco error msg then i have tried to get back to old version but it keeps reloading to the updated version , after many times...

Earlier, iBGP could not be redistributed into IGP until the emergence of the following command :"bgp redistribute-internal"but it is still not recommended to redistributed iBGP into IGP...Kindly comment on why is the redistribution not allowed by de...

We have a our DHCP server setup on one of our core switches for one of our smaller lesser used networks. It has been functioning fine until yesterday. It was behaving like we had run out of addresses. After doing some digging it "kinda" had.  When ru...

I have a C9300 stack running Gibralter 16.12.3 and I ran into a bug.  Then I discovered that there was an SMU for the bug.  Having never installed a SMU I decided to give it a try.  I copied the cat9k_iosxe.16.12.03.CSCvt72427.SPA.smu.bin to flash an...

jedavis by Level 4
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Hello Community, I am currently running a cisco nexus switch of 9500 series now i want to upgrade the Software OS of nexus so anyone can provide me with the specific commands used to upgrade and do the necessary checklist while performing so and rest...

Hello there,I was looking at a module we have on a C6800.Currently we are running out of 10G ports and we were wondering if this module allows the breakout for the fortygiga interfaces.40 DCEF2T 8 port 40GE / 32 port 10GE C6800-8P40G-XL Do you have a...

hi out there - i have got the need to forward a RSPAN'ed vlan to a ERSPAN'ed destination. And this looked simpel to me because the NX9k pr default has this feature ERSPAN activated But - when I try to bring-up the tunnel I get this error:# sh mon ses...

tiwang by Level 3
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I have 4) 3850 switches in a stack with stack power and sharing mode. All the POE devices are on switch 4 and it's almost out of POE power. Can one of the other switches in the stack provide extra POE power for switch number 4? Switch 4 has 30.6 watt...

saleff by Level 1
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