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Dear Experts, I have a new setup coming up. Core switches:Cisco Nexus 9372 PX's Core1 and Core 2 Distribution switch:Cisco 6509(only one switch) If i have two Nexus 9372PX's in Core and connect downstream to one distribution switch with a /30 conf...

Hi ! I've  got following problem within switches in my company, I try to connect to trunk catalyst switch 2950-g but unfortunately I get inconsistent peer vlan message and stp blocks ports on my switch as well as on core one. That leads to some link ...

Since IOS 15.3(3)M the type 8 and type 9 password encryption is supported. However as far as I can find this only is applicable for enable secret passwords and local database password in combination with "username ...." configurations. Is it also pos...

cbouwhuis by Beginner
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we have two routers, established as ebgp neighbor, now bgp state is active, but both router's connected interface is up, so why it is showing active?

Mary by Beginner
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Hi - with Peer gateway functionality, VRRP, HSRP, GLBP are not needed. At least I think they're not, although Cisco is not clear about whether one configures VRRP/HSRP with peer gateway functionality or in addition to it. Instead, both vPC peer switc...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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