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Problem with WAP561-A-K9

I purchased WAP561-A-K9 and it doesn't even seem to work. After talking to "tech support" on chat for over  hour he couldn't provide any solution and simply said he will talk to his "lead" and respond by email. I am so far very unhappy with both the ...

internet slow-down issues repeatedly

i have two broad band connections both ISP are BSNL 20mbps & 50mbps but we have allocated 20mbps for directors only for 4 members but i always get internet slow down issue please help me  network configuration........ we have 1 ISP with two differe...

ISR 4431/k9 is working not true !

Dear all, I have one ISR 4431/k9 (isr4400-universalk9.03.16.03.S.155-3.S3-ext.SPA.bin). I have two line for WAN. On router, I configured: - Route MAP for two WAN - Zone base firewall with ACL This is My Topology.  - I have ~ 15 Class-map for each ser...

Question about extended ACLs

On packet tracer I've been tasked with the following: Create 3-line extended ACLs on PHX-RTR-1 named PHX-LAN-1, PHX-LAN-2, and PHX-LAN-3 to prevent IP source address spoofing on these LANs. Only allow traffic that has a source address from the LAN it...

DPC 3848v Question about ports

Hi, I would like to block all ports on my Cisco DPC 3848v router I got from Shaw cable. I only would like to leave these ports 80, 443, 993 and 465 (For my outlook), open. How would I go about doing this? I have a static IP too. Any suggestions? Than...

Resolved! Dudas con las Vlans

Saludos, Quisiera implentar Vlans en una red empresarial que consiste de una sola sede (Edificio).  Actualmente, tiene una red de 22 bits y todos los equipos estan configurados sobre ese segmento y todos accede a servidores en el mismo rango y otros...

jhonrosas by Beginner
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Resolved! No internet on cisco2811 Router

Hello Cisco community, My task is to create dhcp server on cisco router 2811. Need help configuring NAT... Config is working well but i think the problem is at Nat. Building configuration... Current configuration : 1052 bytes!version 12.4service ti...

Layer 2 Extension best practices

Hi, We have layer 2 extension to our partners. It's a trunk link with multiple vlans. We have vlan 10,20 for which partner has the root switch configuration.  For vlan 30,40 our network has root configuration.  What should be the best practices for t...

Resolved! Can't ping ISP router

Hello all good people, Just preparing to my CCNA, an decided to prepare some easy network at my home. I was able to configure everything as i wish to have. I face one issue (seems to be easy to solve) but not for me somehow. Take a look on the networ...

Arie by Beginner
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