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It say that an isolated vlan can not communicate with another device on a port with the same isolated vlan so is it just point to point makes it a private vlan.computer to switch then what is the purpose since it can not communicate on the same vlan ...

First time setting up multicast routing and I'm having some trouble getting multicast traffic to route between VLANs.  I'm trying to use PIM SSM on a Nexus 5500 platform running 7.3(8)N1(1).  Use case is a Grandstream VOIP PBX (UCM6304) sending a mul...

topology.jpeg Screenshot from 2023-02-04 17-18-54.png Screenshot from 2023-02-04 17-23-49.png Screenshot from 2023-02-04 17-29-24.png
bmesich by Beginner
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I have a CBS350 and wondering if part of the requirement to get voice vlan to work on a port to a phone/pc is to make it a trunk? Is there a way to get a phone/pc to work (on different vlans) via configuring the port mode access? We do this on C9300s...

ryan14 by Beginner
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How can I emulate switch in GNS3 for learning purposes to practice building real lab for  CCNA/CCNP certifications. I love GNS3- it is a great tool which can run real Router IOS, but still limitation for learning switching functionalities.  Please up...

WizIT by Beginner
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Greetings Kindly guide me to resolve the below issue   Our new 9300-24p deployed as core switch is not able to establish link to new access switch uplink having sfp-10g-sr-s. The uplink port on core switch te1/1/2 led is blinking green amber while th...

adeebtaqui by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Amber Light

We are attempting to connect a C9200 (L2) switch to a C9500 (L3). Done this many times but for whatever reason, having issues with this setup. We have a direct fiber connection between the two. But receiving Amber light on the Rx side of the fiber ca...

ryno7819 by Beginner
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Hello Team,I am having confusion on Span port. Please consider below topology in which there is 1 L3 Core Switch and 3 Access Switches and I have configured SPAN session on core switch and connected system to G1/0/1 with wireshark will that system ge...


Hello,I need help with the switch C9200L 24-port PoE+ 4x10G, firmware cat9k_lite_iosxe_17_10_01_SPA.The switch performs a random self-reboot several time a day.Switch doesn't work in stack.Any idea?

TLJ by Beginner
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