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Hello all,   I have always had issues creating and applying access-list in the proper direction so wanted to run something by the community.   I am wanting to create basically a SILO Vlan. What I mean by that is that devices on the VLAN cannot access...

bberry by Level 1
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Hello. I need to configure DHCP option 82 in Cisco Packet Tracer. And this task proved difficult for me) I installed the switch as a relay agent and the router as a DHCP-server. I figured out how to set up DHCP-snooping on the switch, but with the DH...

Alf8 by Level 1
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Good morning Team, In our enterprise network we are having an issue related with code upgrade. We run switches catalyst 2960x. The current IOS version is 15.0ex5 and we want to upgrade to 15.2E7. We do the distribution and activation of the code thru...

marino881 by Level 1
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Resolved! Nexus 9300YC-FX

Not able to find any documentation, but would like to if vPC configuration is supported on Nexus 9300YC-FX series 1/10/25Gb SFP+ switches.  Technically, it should but they are pretty new models.   I would like to build vPC Peer between two Nexus 9300...

abbasali5 by Level 1
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Hello, I have had some major issues over the past 4 days with the 3850 platform. Namely, the GRE tunnels I have running inside of a VRF. This VRF is for public untrusted traffic, and it gets routed out to a firewall independent of our corporate netwo...

trnielsen by Level 1
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I am evaluating some Meraki Switches for a client and wonder if there is any documentation on how to setup the Meraki Switches to use the existing Cisco TACACS ACS servers we already have for authentication?  We have hundreds of switches and routers ...

cybrsage by Level 1
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I have just a few things I was indecisive about and where to do the Layer 3 routing of the vlans.      - Originally I thought I would route all vlans/SVI's on the Nexus 5k since it has the Layer 3 daughter card. This makes it clean and everything nor...


Hello,   I have three cisco 3650 switches that lost power this morning. Two booted as usual but one of them is stuck in a boot loop.   When connected via console I see this. Booting...Interface GE 0 link down***ERROR: PHY link is downThe "IP_ADDR" en...

SimonZ by Level 1
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Bom dia, recebi e liguei 5 switch´s ontem e hoje 1 deles amanheceu desligado, não foi problema de energia pois todos os outros estão funcionando normalmente. Qual o procedimento para a troca do switch em garantia? 

Hello. I'm trying to remove ALL stack informations on 2 3750 switches. After a write erase and reload both switches still have the provisioning line in the running config and they "remember" their priority. I tried to copy the running config in a USB...