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Hi Folks,SSH access has ceased to work on one of my remote routers due to human error (my own!) meaning that I cannot access the CLI anymore.  I have RW SNMP communities configured - is there a way to enable transport input telnet via an OID? This wo...

shanemoss by Beginner
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Hello, I have a question, maybe silly one... is it possible to configure VSS between different switch models - 6500 and 6800 for example if they are equipped with same SUP? I have found a lot of Cisco documents where it stands that VSS is supported o...

Adis Cato by Beginner
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Hi Guys! I faced with  problem SFP. SFF8472 is loaded high CPU. For example , I have 6 SFP now and ~28%  CPU utilization. I noticed each SFP loaded CPU + ~4%. When plugged 24 SFP switch cannot loaded at all  cisco-3750X#show processes cpu sortedCPU u...

sand-max83 by Beginner
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Hi, On a port configured as an access port, on a switch running rapid-pvst, what information is sent in the BPDU on this port? Is it only STP information related to the one VLAN, or also information for other VLANs? The background is that I have t...

Hi, I am serching whether the bug  (BugID:CSCuw30999) has being  fixed by the currennt IOS Version 9.6(2)11 – 02/22/2017. http://www.cisco.com/web/software/280775065/135274/ASA-962-Interim-Release-Notes.html Anyone knows how do i get those informatio...

does the 6880 support a QSFP line card? I see where the 6840 has 2 QSFP on Sup? Is this correct and does the 6880 support this or is there a line card for the 6880? thanks, 

I have some checkpoint firewalls which are receving multicast from a WAN.The Firewalls are configured with pim dm on the interface to the inside network.and the interface is setup with static-groups whcih forward the packets to the inside network.The...

jschweng by Beginner
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Hello, I recently swapped out a 3650X for a 3560S. After connecting the 3650 to our network an issue occurred. Users started noticing that they could no longer print or access certain files. After verifying the IP address on the hosts, I noticed that...

nicholss1 by Beginner
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Hi I am planning to enable jumbo frames on a 6509e . looks straightforward ...enable jumbo egress globally "system jumbomtu 9000" then on vlans and ports/port channels passing jumbo frames set the "mtu size " . ( hopefully I have this bit right ! ) ....

I try to install the k9 image to a Cat4500x without success. The image has been uploaded using tftp, boot variable set to the new image and config register set to 0x2102. The device hangs in rommon with the following message:rommon 3 >boot bootflash:...

tsgruu2000 by Beginner
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I'm having some issues getting an EIGRP design to work correctly. I've set up a lab consisting of a WAN and LAN. In the WAN portion I've created EIGRP AS 25. The WAN appears to work properly. I can ping all devices. I'm having issues with the LAN por...

Hi  I am connected to VPN  through  Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client it is connected but my network is down on it getting 0.98Mbps  if i am ping to server through which we are connected it showing general failure.  In am using 5506x firewall.