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Rapid Spanning-tree TC

I'm having trouble understanding why RSTP behaves the way it does. I've been reading through http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/lan-switching/spanning-tree-protocol/24062-146.html and it says when a TC occurs it "clears mac addresses on all p...

Host/Server runs in Active/Standby on a vPC vlan?

Sorry, i don't have Nexus gears to test it out.   Is it possible for a host/server runs in active/standby (not port-channel) on a vPC vlan?   Or host/server runs in active/standby mode has to be running in a non-vPC vlan?   Thanks

TCAM by Beginner
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cisco layer 2 switch

Dear Expert, Please suggest me for choosing layer 2 switch and part number with most low price. My requirement is: 1. port: 24 GB no SFP port No PoE LAN Base + LAN Lite 2. port: 48 GB no SFP port No PoE LAN Base + LAN Lite Thanks in advance Reag...

Heavy packet loss accross VLANS

Hello, I'm having a lot of trouble communicating across my VLAN. there's 2 networks Lab and core Lab: Core: When attempting to ping from host to host there's a lot of latency and packet loss, this occurs within the switc...

Nexus 7000 Power redundancy

Hello. I need to implement the command  "power  redundancy-mode redundant" on my 7K. I have enough power and supplies etc that I should be OK with doing it. But what I cant find is if the chassis needs a reload after this command? Bob

mx by Beginner
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Resolved! DAI on an upstream switch

Hi, I have a simple question, is it possible to use DAI on a switch port if there is a downstream non manageable switch where there are 10 users connected and requesting DHCP addresses? Thanks,

High Latency from LAN

Dear All, I have one customer there are experiencing high latency from their LAN. When I tried extended ping from the router the latency was 124ms to 144ms. When the customer is pinging from the LAN the latency is 260ms. We the customer disconnec...

eash by Beginner
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Resolved! migration from rapid-pvst to mst

Hello forum guys,  I have three switches in LAN network which run in rapid-pvst mode. I would like migrate to mst. I try to search cisco documentation and I found that migration from 802.1D to 802.1w is cousing outage: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us...

Per_Cas by Beginner
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Communication issue in between Cisco Nexus 3172TQ VLANs (except default vlan) and ASA 5510

Hello, With the recent replacement of Cisco Nexus 3172TQ with Cisco 4503, I have faced some issue. As per our infrastructure - above the Cisco Nexus 3172TQ, I have ASA 5510 as upstream and Juniper SSG-550M as downstream. All the zones are connected w...

R(Config-R)# NW X.X.X.X Y.y.y.y ==> Is it a network advertisement or enabling RP on that interface?

Dear Experts, I always have a confusion with below cmd under different routing protocols like RIPv2, EIGRP and OSPF? Consider a router "R" with 4 different interfaces directly connected to NW || || || Examp...