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I have a 4507R-E Switch with dual Sup 7L consoles that was recently updated to IOS XE 3.9.2E. After the upgrade and reloading the switch, the unit is misclassifying devices and the wrong macro runs. For example, we have a Cisco Phone plugged in on po...

kknuckles by Beginner
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Hello, We were doing a wireshark capture on one of the 3800 (all 1G sfp slots). We were using one of the ports with GLC-T to capture traffic on a specific vlan as the layer 3 resides on this switch. On connecting our laptop & putting in the required...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Are there any roadmaps out there (Google didn't show any) showing the path of the Nexus 3548 going forward? We have a 9396 and a 3548 (well, a couple sets). The 9396 has what one would consider a "normal" complement of features. It's also on NX-OS 7....

Hello Folks! I've been with this problem for a while and probably this is the root cause for some lost of connectivity. Mu topology is hub and spoke and I receive this message from my core switch (VSS 4507), but when I see the sh span, seemns normal...

Hi, I have non cisco device , the bandwidth overtime shows 4Mbps and the burst bandwidth shows 100Mbps.there might be an issue with the device or its normal ? Thanks

muhsi_2015 by Beginner
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I am trying to setup my flexible netflow to report NBAR 2 information.  I am running software 3.7.3E and 3.7.4E on my switches.  When I try to add the collect application name command to the flow record, it showa an error at application.  I thought t...

I am have one SG-300 switch with the following setup; Layer 3 IP4 Routing is enabled VLAN 20 Windows 7 workstation  Gateway: VLAN 30 Windows 7 wo...

Hello, We are running a 3560G 24PS as a PoP for a customer, it is currently on IOS version 12.2(55)SE10. However they would like to use a Flexlink to provide a backup connection, and we are seeing traffic loss due to this bug: https://bst.cloudapp...

gdg230001 by Beginner
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Community, I am 3 weeks away from taking the CCNP SWITCH exam and had a question regarding the integrated Uplinkfast feature in RSTP. Ive learned that when an RSTP switch loses its Root Port it can immediately transition its Alternate Port into a fo...

Craddockc by Participant
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