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activiate the log

how to activiate the log, for example I want to see BGP neibour is up, ip address is allocated for DHCP client, do I need to use logging console or logging on, what's the differernce, how to turn off the logging, thanks

clear counters in "show fabric cahnnel-counters"

Hello Someone knows which is the command to clear errors ("show fabric cahnnel-counters")of a daughterboard? We have changed a card with errors but the meter still appears Thanks in advance slot channel   rxErrors   txErrors    txDrops  lbusDrops  ...

tac.spain by Beginner
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HSRP time out

Dear All, i have two cisco switches 4948 in high availabilty. there is time out when one server trying to connect HSRP IP. is HSRP IP. logs are as below 07-Sep-2016 00:33:16 cohosted2.SCORING Info 00070 00017 SCORING: timeout with errno ...

hemadri37 by Beginner
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inter VLAN routing issue using 2821 and 3750

<<RESOLVED>> Thanks Windows firewall (once access to internet became available local windows firewall changed it's network profile and disable non local ICMP traffic - hence router to ping, but non-local subnets are dropped.) Same updated configurati...

ebanach by Beginner
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Resolved! NEXUS 7000 zombie module on startup-config

During a sw upgrade, 2 NX2000 were removed from NX7000.After this, startup-config shows NX2000 interfaces in spite of the fact that fex and port-channel configuration were not present any more.How can i remove NX2000 interfaces configuration from sta...

Resolved! Route-Map not taken on 3850 IP Services

Something odd I am seeing.Trying to use a 3850 L3 switch running IP Services, XE ver 03.03.03SE,   to do some policy routing on one of the VLAN interfaces.Interface VLAN 10ip address 208.x.y.z policy route-map Use_Route1 It seems to t...

Nexus 5k load balance to non cisco routers

Hi, Weird title but here goes, We have two 5k's they are linked to each other via their respective management ports, we will call them switch-a and switch-b. Attached to these are two routers (not Cisco) both routers have a leg into each switch as be...

sdawson35 by Beginner
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Ethernet II Vs IEEE 802.3 Frame format

I was reading through some of the documentation available on the support forum where i found some interesting differences. It was posted some where that  Ethernet II frames have 8 bytes of Preamble while IEEE 802.3 Frame has 7 bytes of Preamble and t...


Hi to all, I am getting high ping response while pining to core router from any node. generally it should be 1 ms in wired network or in between 30-40 on wireless network or radio devices. the response goes to 25 ms and in the wireless devices it is ...