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Resolved! Interface errors

Hi Team, I am having a switch with more than 40+ ports. i want to identify the interface errors and potential bad ports in that switch. Do we have any command to chekc all the port errors at a stretch or please advise the suitable commands to check ...

I've searched for information on grounding of cisco switches on this forum, but found the answers vague. Is it necessary to run a separate ground from the switch to the cabinet chassis and if so where do you connect (most switches don't have groundin...

boondocker by Beginner
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Resolved! Dynamic/Static Nat

Hey Guys; Kinda new to this one here on choosing between dynamic or static type. So far im configured as a dynamic type on a asa5510; but i wanna change it to static; What the pro's and con's between the two ? How would you change NAT to static ? ...

j_j624001 by Beginner
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Morning Guys, I was wondering if I could get some advice or suggestions on an issue I'm currently trying to troubleshoot. I have constructed an EIGRP tunnel, I have mirrored the settings either side (pretty much, i.e. certmaps, eigrp settings, interf...

ISPRouter>>WatchGuard Firewall>>>( Building V 3750)switch>>>>>(Building M)..CoreSwitch Cisco 3750 routing enabled(ip -gateway)>>>>>have 6 other cisco switches connected to Building m in a star config....Have 5 vlans On the firewall I have ...

hi  i am trying to stack 2960S and X . Looks like its compatible for stack, I am not sure why stack is not getting formed. Your help is greatly appreciated

hi peeps, I am curious how the following concept really works...I have an SVI which looks like this:interface Vlan200 ip vrf forwarding GUEST ip address ip helper-address global you can see, this SVI is member...

diondohmen by Beginner
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I need ANY two racks cisco recommends for the Cisco Nexus 5596UP Switch with the requirements of standard 19in 4 post with mounting rails that conform to english universal. Thank you, Ed

efhartley by Beginner
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I created a local network with several computers and I want to allow computers192.168.0.3192.168.0.4Talk only with computer* During the bereaved computer received its own VLAN( computers in a shared VLAN)how do I do...

Can you help me with network design? Requirements:- Redundant network- LAN- Network Gigabit Ethernet- 2 ISP- Cisco equipment 3 storey building:- First floor: 32 points- Second floor 44 points- Third Floor 44 points

admin by Beginner
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I am not seeing Mac-Flap errors when I do a "show log" on a 4507. We had a mac flapping around and I was wondering why I didnt see any messages showing for it, it was going between a switch port and a port channel. We have "snmp-server enable traps m...

leafar1988 by Beginner
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