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Hello, I have a cisco router 2911 with configured subinterfaces to allow for Inter-VLAN routing. My goal is to setup bonding (bundle, port-channel) on GE0/0 and GE0/1 to allow for redundancy in case of cable failure. Because i set the channel-group...

So I currently have a stack of 3750s that need to be replaced with 3850s.  The QoS is different. Thius is the current MLS Qos mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 24 32 46 48 56mls qos srr-queue input bandwidth 90 10mls qos srr-queue input threshold 1 8 16ml...

bryanrobh by Beginner
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We have an active/failover ASA pair supporting WCCP which redirects Internet bound traffic to WebSense appliances for proxy/filtering services. As recommended, WCCP is redirecting inbound on the “inside” interface and is currently fully operational. ...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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Hi, I want to know what will happen to Cisco 4507 and 3850 switch, if temperature goes above its operating temperature i.e. 45 Degree Celsius. Will the switch gets shutdown or keep on functioning normally?  Similarly, what will happen if temperatu...

I have four (4) Nexus 5548UP switches which currently have System Version 5.2 (1) N1 (3). My question is can I upgrade them directly to System Version 7.0 (8) N1 (1) or is there a process and I have to start with a previous version before I go to 7.0...

I have been given a recent design for a redundant edge stack and am stuck trying to provide the best solution for ASR connectivity to the LAN. In my scenario, a single ASR1001 acting as an edge router would be connected to two 9372's. These switches...

Hi. Just bought 3 Cisco 2811 routers and 7 IP phones 7960 from ebay and tried to follow this guide, but failed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rQakFGMZRM The problem is that 2811 doesn't understand/accept the command "telephony-service" - any idea...

kip by Beginner
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Hi . I have 3 VLAN on my network .  gw=  gw=  gw.  inter vlan routing  is enabled and access list create some custom access list for communicating between hosts  .no...

bob mail by Beginner
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Hi, we saw a weird issue few days earlier. we have a SPAN Session on 3850x which has 1 Destination Port Lets say port number 20. this Span session has ACL Filter applied to only capture data from to any. So we bought a new sniffer server...

Model Number : SG220-50PID : SG220-50-K9VID : V01Cisco Sx220 Series Switches Software, Version Sx220 Boot Loader Version We have two Cisco Switch SG220-50 on our Server LAN. They are both on different ports I get the followin...

sath by Beginner
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Hi, what are the differnces between C6800-32P10G-XL= and C6800-32P10G= DFC4XL and DFC4 ? Does it suite in cisco C6807-XL (M8572) Thanks

moosas001 by Beginner
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I have 2-off IE-3000-4TC access switches and a stacked 3750X in a REP ring with the following configuration; 3750X rep admin vlan 31int gi1/0/1switchport mode trunkswitchport trunk native vlan 31rep segment 1 edge primary int gi2/0/1switchport mode ...