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Hello, I am doing some network consulting for a college that has three campuses.  There are numerous L3 links that connect the campus cores and the various MDF's at each campus. I am noticing that each SVI that participates in routing has the followi...

Hi guys!! With reference to Cisco FEX and Static Pinning 1, 2, 3 or 4, it appears the static pinning rules apply equally to both the Nexus 5000 and 7000 series switches - Is this correct? 5000<---->FEX 7000<---->FEX Also, If you do not configure the...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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After configuring the BANNER MOTD message, it shows up after the user logs in instead of before. According to the following document, the MOTD banner should show up before the switch prompts for username/password. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs...

ROBERT T by Enthusiast
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Hi there, Just looking at the port-channel config on our 3850 - example below... I'm just wondering why, on the interfaces that are members of the 1st port channel I see the allowed VLANS, but on the interfaces for the 2nd port channel I do not?  Do ...

jbrit1969 by Beginner
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Hi allI ran into a problem with VIP for high availability on Blue Coat ProxySG. Both ProxySG send multicast packets to advise the other ProxySG that it is up and the priority is contained in the multicast packet, along with the IP address of the VIP ...

tsgruu2000 by Beginner
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Hello everyone, I actually have two Cisco WS-C4503-E in VSS mode. I need to upgrade those chassis from 4503-E to 4506-E using the same SUP 7-E and linecards as I'm using now. I've made some research on Cisco's forum and I've found this :  Asymmetric...

Dear, I have Cisco 6509 switch as a CORE of LAN. I am facing the issue as under: Whenever I reloaded the switch either reload command  or by powering on and off, It goes into ROMMON mode. (IOS is not loaded). In rommom mode after issuing the "boot" ...