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Resolved! Cisco 1841 not routing between interfaces

I have a Cisco 1841 with FA0/0 and FA0/1.  Both are connected to separate networks with different subnets .  Each network has its own gateway to the internet.  I am trying to configure the 1841 to separate traffic for both subnets so general internet...

BGP ORIGIN attribute

Hello all,I will be happy for some explanation about BGP ORIGIN attribute. The main question is when it IGP and when INCOMPLETE? As far as I understand it any redistribution will make it INCOMPLETE, and the network command will make it "IGP". Second ...

olegf0001 by Beginner
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Resolved! Issue with a spanning-tree protocol

Hi, I have a problem with the spanning-tree protocol when I connect a printer on switch cisco C3560E. This is the Show Logging:  *Sep 27 18:57:29.451: %SPANTREE-7-PORTDEL_SUCCESS: GigabitEthernet0/8 deleted from Vlan 600*Sep 27 18:57:31.976: %SPANTRE...

mquijada09 by Beginner
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Flapping and Portchannels

So I have just started this company and do not have huge experience with Cisco. I found while trying to set up Lync what looks like a loop in the network. I am getting these errors:"Flapping between port Po2 and port Po3""Flapping between port Po2 an...

dbrill001 by Beginner
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Cisco Catalyst 2960 Setup

I am about to help someone setup the QoS on a cisco catalyst 2960 switch so that VoIP is given preference.  I am told that there is not web-based gui to work with on this device and that it all must be done through the serial port using iOS commands....

Reachability b/w switches

Hello, i have two switches( A&B), both are directly connected to each other and both have SVI interface.Switch A - interface vlan 10 - ip add - B - interface vlan 20 - ip add - want to ping from switch A to B an...

Anukalp S by Beginner
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Resolved! Remove a line from a running config

Hello,I need to remove a line "snmp-server community...." from a running config, how do I do it? I know I can edit the notepad config file from tftp then load that file to the switch, but i think there's an easier way without rebooting the switch. I'...

Hubble2015 by Beginner
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STP gaurd

Hi ,  Here is a brief overview of my infrastructure and want to get your opinion on it and then have some questions as below . I have 2 backbone L3 switches which all of the other L2 access switches do connect to ( around 8) . Some of the access swit...

Random44F by Beginner
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Resolved! Logging on Cisoc ASA

Good day, I have the following configurations for logging on my  ASA5540,Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 7.0(7).logging trap warningslogging host inside <server ip>logging message 611103 level warningslogging message 605005 level w...

Mmiselo by Beginner
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console to router issue

brand new 2911 router with blank screen when trying to console in for the first time. Please provide specific details as I am new to routers as well. If there's a better cable to use please recommend. Thank you for all your help