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Dear all: Unfortunately I deleted the flash directory on my Cisco switch 3550, when I reboot the switch I realized that there is no IOS at all.any way to restore the IOS from local directory ? If not , how I could running back the switch 

HiHow can I change the redundancy mode from RPR to SSO in a Cat4507R+E with SUP7L-E and IOS XE .03.04.05.SG.151-2.SG5? The commands:redundancy - mode sso ... is not available:lan_4507_1(config)#redundancylan_4507_1(config-red)#mode ?  rpr  Route Proc...

Hi all,Assuming that I have a Layer 2 switch, and I have not configure any VLAN in it.By right, I will need to create a management IP and a default gateway.Switch# conf tSwitch(config)# interface vlan 1Switch(config-if)# ip address 255.2...

SJ K by Level 5
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Hi all, Today I have came across NIC card that is able to tag VLAN as well as the tagging of VLAN in VM environment from the guest OS nic card.I believe sometime tagging a VLAN on the host/guest devices is necessary as oppose to configuring the VLAN ...

SJ K by Level 5
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HiI'm wondering if someone who did this before could guide me on where to start to uplift the whole environment in our Hospital.I have asa firewall, two core switch, 2 distribution switches and 55 access switches.My question is where do I start to ch...

techy8888 by Level 1
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Hi All,I have a C3KX-NM-10GT installed in a WS-C3750X-48T-S with ios 150-2.SE7 and IP Base installedThe problem i'm having is i can't get the ports online, the closest i get is a slow blinking green lightI have CAT6 plugged into the C3KX-NM-10GT and ...

billybong by Level 1
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Hi Geeks,Im a newbie with cisco here but Im of the intention to setup my new network with cisco equipment and I require some expert advice here.First of all, we have two sites in two different locations, and we are planning to implement fiber between...

twarsal01 by Level 1
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The QSFP-SR4 GBIC uses a BIT-SPRAY over 4 fiber pairs within a 12 fibre MPO connector. to equally spread BITs around all 4 fibers pairs. While for the QSFP-BiDi, cisco talks about 2x 20Gbps transmit and receive channel to enable an aggregated 40-Gbps...

wim.juste by Level 1
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Hello,we have a vpc domain of 2 N7K with each with 2 N7K-SUP1 . When i want to add a vlan i´get the following message. It happens only at one of the N7K. Switch(config)# vlan 1408Service not responding Any idea? Regards Horst

hdussa by Level 1
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Current Scenario:- Firewall is connected to a switch and that switch is connected to other switches in piggy backing scenario, there are no only 2 vlan, native and vlan20 with 30 hosts, all other 250 hosts are in native plan.  All hosts have firewall...

Hi all, I want to create a unidirectional Link between two catalyst 4500X. Switch 1:interface TenGigabitEthernet1/1 unidirectional receive-onlyendSwitch 2:interface TenGigabitEthernet1/2 unidirectional send-onlyend   Problem:Switch 1 --> Port notconn...