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I'd like to create a blackhole VLAN (maybe not a good name for it) for two reason.s 1 assign it to unused ports and turn them off. 2 so when a tech goes to install a device and the port is enabled they would pull an unrouted DHCP ip address. My quest...

How do I allow more then one device on all ports of the 520 Switch. When I hook another switch to any port on the switch it will only allow one Mac address/ or device to that connections. How would I disable that. Any step by step instructions would ...

We have a 4506 SUP7-E VSS pair running as our network core. There are several layer 3 fiber connections going out to around 25 buildings. We have a mixture of physical servers, layer 2 switches, IBM Blade Center and a Cisco UCS B series fabric interc...

Hello,If I replace 3750 48 gigabit switch with a 3750 24 fast ethernet switch in the stack will the port configuration apply from the 48 port switch to the 24 port, also if I replace a 3750 48 switch with a identical 3750 48 switch will the port conf...

I have an ether-channel configured between a Cisco 6500 and a juniper ex4500The juniper mtu is configured as 1514 and the Cisco end 1500. I am seing giants on the interface on the cisco end.Ive tried a packet capture on the port-channel but I dont se...

ciscoacs by Level 1
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I have an 1841 router connected to Verizon DIA for Internet.  I can SSH to the router but I can not ping a device with a static IP address in the same block of IP's that Verizon gave me.  Device I try to ping is  router config is below. ...

Hello,I need a little direction with what I think is a routing problem. Any help will be appreciated. My setup is as follows: ————————Cable Modem27.177.21.9———————— WAN - Gi0/ Cisco 2901 LAN - Gi0/1192.168.1.250 ————————Client192.168.1.1...

it4sb0001 by Level 1
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