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Resolved! Multiple static routes to gateway

I have 2 ISP connections.ATT1 connected to ASA5510 via connected to another ASA5510 via have a 3850 connected to both ASA.ATT===========ASA1( switch as below)ATT2==========ASA2( ===...

howithink by Beginner
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Resolved! igmp snooping

    Hey All,Scenario:We have a switch stack of 3750's and the desktop people are trying to ghost/image. The stack is an access layer stack with no layer 3 and igmp snooping is enabled by default. All machines in this scenario are on 1 vlan and we'll ...

craig.eyre by Beginner
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Multicast/OTV within VRF problem

Hi,I've been struggling making multicast work across two DC. I'm able to see the sources when I do show ip mroute, but no traffic is going between recievers and source, only I can see traffic generated from local source when I do  show ip mroute summ...

frodestra by Beginner
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Route-map (next hop to tunnel)

Hello,I set up a route-map, by cons it does not work, for info I have a default route to the ISP 2ip route,knowing that the ping is ok between tunnels,when I do a tracert I see it through the ISP2 link then I want it to ISP...

Nexus FabricPath - Spine Leaf

Is the Leaf layer needed when designing a fabricpath topology?The idea is to have a string of 3x N7Ks (Spine) doing FabricPath and uplink 6509s and Arista switches to the N7Ks..is this possible or the "Leaf Layer"needs to be there?Thanks

alexng by Beginner
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CAT 65K with sup2T and 48XX series cards

Hi allim looking at 2 new cores for a remote site, not a large datacentre, maybe 20 servers etc, vmware etcI am looking at the 6509 with sup2T and 48xx series cards, Someone mentioned that this wont be good enough if running Vmware through them etc ?...

Resolved! 1811w went into romon

Hi all,After restarting the 1811w went into romon.i try the xmodem command it showsrommon 2 > xmodem -c c181x-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M6Do not start the sending program yet...dir: cannot open device "flash:"WARNING: All existing data in bootflash wi...

Resolved! IOS BOOT ISSUE - 2960

Hey folks - Look for some help on this. I installed into my Cisco flexstack 2960 (3 switches) a .bin file "c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-58.SE2.bin" I uploaded it onto the switch and set #Boot system flash:c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-58.SE2.bin After it reboote...

jhotles by Beginner
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Resolved! Debug EIGRP Packet - Received HELLO on Loopback1 nbr

                   Hi Everyone,Two Switches  are working fine as eigrp neis and authentication is enabled on them.Sw1 has loopback interface Loopback1             YES manual up                    uprouter eigrp 42no auto-summarynetwo...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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