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4510 telnet connection problem

We desided to install cisco network assistant. After the installation we had telnet connection problem to 4510+r, and standby sup restarted changed to standbuy cold.Before the installation everything was fine. Also after installation, commandline con...

Resolved! High CPU Utilisation on 2960S Switch Stack

Hi all,We are seeing high CPU utilisation (70-80% and higher!) on a switch stack and I have done a little digging!!  I have found the following which seems a little high to me:stac11-chil-gbr#show processes cpu sortedCPU utilization for five seconds:...

Red Switch ports

Dear Everyone,We have CISCO2901/K9 with 8 Port GE POE EHWIC Switch on Slot 0 SubSlot 1 ( EHWIC-D-8ESG-P ) .Suddenly 3 switch ports are red ( blinking not steady ) and there is no connectivity.When the client removes the cable and puts it in another p...

Resolved! VLAN Access Restriction

Dear all,Is it possible to apply Time restrictions to a specific VLAN?e.g. I want the users of that VLAN to be able to acces the internet only from 10:00 am to 5:00 pmThanks in advance!Haji

Resolved! Stackwise on 3850's

Hi - Still finding my feet in the cisco world so please bear with me.Just got four 3850s in the office and I'm having a go at configuring them. I have a base config running securing the various lines and services but I cannot get the switches to stac...

GarethGann by Beginner
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ICMP packets on a router

Hi everybody.I hope everybody is doing fine. I miss Cisco forum . Very busy with new job, a lot of things to learn.I have a question:Is there any command that can tell us how many icmp packets have been received on a router? Thanks and have a great d...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! applying span port for sniffer

Hi,We want to sniff some traffic that is passing between two nodes in our network. The flow will look like this;Edge switch > Core switch > (Wireless controller A) > metro ethernet link > Core switch > (wireless controller B)Wireless controller is co...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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ASR1004 License Issue

Dear All,I am facing a license issue with the ASR1004.I got a ASR1001 with Universal IOS and I could upgrade the license file without problem.But recently, I got a ASR1004 with advance IP service IOS and when I input any command about "license" the s...

4507 Switch module compatibility

I am trying to add a WS-X4648-RJ45V-E line card. Its comming up saying..._CHASSIS-3-UNKNOWNLINECARD: Unknown module (Field Replaceable Unit minor type 367) in slot 7looking online, it apperas that it should work. Any idea whats up? Running IOS15.0(2)...

Server connected to switchport

                   Hi Everyone,Seems i am tracing server connection on switch   i do the ping from directly connected switch where server is connected.sh ip arp  Address          Age (min)  Hardware Addr   Type   InterfaceIntern...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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VLAN stuck or DHCP is fragged?

    Let me set the scenario:PC1 is attached to access swtich on port 1/0/8. Port 1/0/8 was originally switchport access vlan 10. Access switch is connected to Distro 1. SVI VLAN 10 is correctly setup: description USERS_GROUP10 ip address 2...

Nexus 5010 debug plugin

The workaround for the bug listed in http://tools.cisco.com/Support/BugToolKit/search/getBugDetails.do?method=fetchBugDetails&bugId=CSCub15147&from=summary is to load a debug plugin and restart the snmpd process. Can someone please elaborate on where...

dwillynt1 by Beginner
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