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Hi all, I have a small confusion. I know about the difference in SM and MM fibers. But we usually see it in the form of transceievers, like SX for MM, LX for SM, what about the actual cable ? does the cable also comes in two flavors like SM or MM ? o...

Jonn cos by Level 4
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A quick question about BGP on the enterprise edge with the internet.Most designs I see use a model where two border routers each have 1 connection to only 1 service provider.  Is there a reason for this as opposed to peering with both ISPs on both bo...

Hi,I have about 50 switches on network and is there an easy way to find out which switch is running as the VTP server? I know majority of the switches are running in transparent mode...we do not have any switch running in client mode...Any suggestion...

m1xed0s by Spotlight
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Hi,when the VSS will be supported on Catalyst Supervisor Engine 7-E or 7-LE and on Catalyst 4500-X?And does VSS will require Enterprise license ? or the IP base will be enaugh?TksPaolo

pbassoli by Level 1
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I've recently read in Ciso documents that the arp timeout should be confugured less than the mac-ding timer. I've tried to apply some thought to it and this is what I could muster up.Consider a connection like this Router --- L2 Switch ---- PC's ...

Question:I am wondering if the asymmetric routing and HSRP issue demonstrated in the following link as Case Study #8 will apply to any multilayer switches environment with same topology and same config as case 8? Such as if the two switches are 4506E...

Hello everyone -- I read over the chart for support of the 16-port 10G module for the 6500-E chassis, but I'm having issues completely understanding the matrix and what's required to support it.  We've got dual SUP-720-3B modules with PFC3 daughter c...

I am replacing Catalyst 4506 switches with Catalyst 4500Xs in a VSS pair. Currently we use GLBP and set up the GLBP IP address to be the address we want to use as the default gateway for that VLAN (e.g. From what I've read and understan...

snowmizer by Level 1
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hellowe are using N5K switches in our lan with 2 VDC: VDC2 for distribution layer to connect access switches+ VDC3 to connect our servers vlans. a L3 linl  is between vdc2 and vdc3. 2 N5K are used for redendancywe have vlan222 that is created in both...

ohassairi by Level 5
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Hi,i configured a vlan for on a 3750 switch, when i try to access on of that vlan servers i don't get any response, i did a capture on that vlan interface and found that my pc sends the syn and te server recives it and it sends the syn,ack back but t...