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Resolved! Cisco Nexus 2000 Hardware Support Question

I have a question on the support contract for an N2K - this is handled by a 3rd Party and not directly through Cisco.We have multiple N2k Fabric extenders when you run a show inventory you get the following output from the Nexus 7000 (I have hidden p...

bgl-group by Beginner
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c3750 Priority Queue Egress

Hi,I've a question on the PQ egress in a c3750...I read that when you enable PQ on the egress, the scheduler will service the PQ (Q1) until it is empty. Once the PQ has been completely serviced then Q2-4 will be serviced.The question I have is, if Q1...

choywy by Beginner
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Resolved! spanning tree question - blocked port

Hello everyone,  thanks in advance for any help you can give me.I have a new site with a 6509 switch.  It is connected back to my main site by two P2P layer two trunks.  I have to trunk VLANs between the two sites for about six weeks until I get all ...

srroeder by Beginner
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Resolved! Can't ping host from switch

(I started a previous discussion but somehow many replies were deleted, I please ask to some moderator to give a look, it was "Some interfaces/VLAn are not trunking" )I inherited a Catalyst 3560 (SW1) with many VLANs onto it.SW1 is connected to a fir...

Resolved! HowTo Configure PVST on Catalyst 2950

Hello friends, i got 3 Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switches in front of me and i have to configure Per-VLAN Spanning-Tree.im a newbie on this topic and hope to get some help.i have a Serial Cable to link to the PC, HyperTerminal to configure on WinXP, and Et...


Hi every one !getting error on my switch - Aug 19 19:50:24: %SFF8472-5-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Te2/1/1: Rx power high warning; Operating value:  -0.1 dBm, Threshold value:  -1.0 dBm. (SW-2)Aug 19 19:55:05: %SFF8472-5-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Te2/1/1: Rx pow...

Resolved! NTP Authentication Issue

While I am configuring C7609 route or C6509 switch as ntp server and Cisco 2811 router as ntp client,ntp was not working if the authentication is configured in client side, when removing authentication part from the client ONLY ntp is working, below ...

by Not applicable
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intermittent switch management problem

I have several Cisco 2960 and 2950 switches across our campus that most of the time work perfectly.  However, infrequently, I lose communication with them, i.e. cannot ping the ip address assigned and therefore can no longer manage them.Via console I...

jkbarros by Beginner
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just want to know

How can people make the Switch's temperature up to its Critical Temperature Threshold?Like loop the two uplink port?or Turn off the aircondition?Here I emerge this question just in case of  meeting such problem in the future, and I don't have any ide...

janffe719 by Beginner
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