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Dual Nexus 5k with Layer 3 Card Setup

We have two UCS chassis, two fabrics interconnect and two nexus 5ks that make up our vSphere infrastructure. The nexus 5ks only do our Layer two and storage switching and we use a pair of 2960 routers for our layer 3. We are getting rid of the router...

djohnson by Beginner
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Suddenly got a call from a client that their internet connectivity is down. After reaching the site, I checked the everything & found that there is no traffic coming in to the ASA's Inside interface.The interface was showing up but no traffic coming ...

Cisco Catalyst 2960 PoE Hans on

Salam Aleykum.I have WS-C2960-25PC-L  switch. It turns on normal. In normal working state, it unexpectedly hangs on, does not work, even MODE button does not work. No reactions.What should be reason?Need your help.Regards,     Samir Aliyev  from Azer...

%SM-SP-4-PERSIST: Persistent event 'link_down' did not leave the current state 'link_down':

Hello,I had these logs on my cisco 6506-E with the new IOS: s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI5.binFeb 21 09:12:28 MET: %SM-SP-4-PERSIST: Persistent event 'link_down' did not leave the current state 'link_down': pm_port 1/7Feb 21 09:20:25 MET: ...

RPS2300 Power revert back Behavior

Hi ,   I proposed RPS2300 with dual PWR-7500.  I connected two WS-C2960S-48FPD-L to RPS2300.   when i disccounted AC power to both of 2960S switch and Let them use  Power from RPS.   after that, I discounted one of Power source from RPS2300. so Only ...

Question about Route-Map Behaviour

Hi all,First time poster here.Quick question about route-map behaviour.I have a simple route-map configured as follows:RTR# sh route-map testroute-map TEST, permit, sequence 10  Match clauses:      ip address (access-lists): 199  Set clauses:      ip...

c_frieler by Beginner
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Resolved! Assigning VLANs on Catalyst Express 520

Hello there,I've trouble configuring a Catalyst Express 520 8PC Switch. Could it be, that it is not possible to assign different VLAN than "1" to the access ports of this switch? I hope it is possible and I simply haven't found this option yet. If it...

n.schmidt by Beginner
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Boa tarde pessoal,gostaria de uma ajuda de vocês,tenho 3 vlans : gostaria que elas não se comunicassem, apenas o roteador cada. como faço?Agradeço a quem responder!!

Resolved! Switching and Default-Gateway statement

Ok, this should seem pretty basic but I am looking for some details on the functionilty based on this topology.Core - Distribution - Access approach. vlan 10 is trunked all the way to the access layer as well.Core has (SVI vlan 10)Dist. has ...

Rick Morris by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! EBGP

hello,does anybody have any advice regarding this problem? we have an EBGP-Session. under normal circumstances i believe that a route from an ebgp-neighbor is not send out to this neighbor again. but in our scenario this happens:Router#show ip bgp vp...

Heinz Kern by Beginner
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10g switch

hi, SFP port of WS-C3750G-24TS support 10g or not? and please also inform me any other gigabit switch which has upto 4 10g ports.

vlan to vlan access port

Ok.  So this probably is a dumb question but I am going to ask it anyway.Can you connect 2 switches on the same vlan as access ports?for exsw 1port 10 is on vlan 12sw 2 port 10 is also on vlan 12port 10 on both switches connect as uplinks.

lkadlik by Beginner
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