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Hello,I recently bought a second hand Cisco AS2511RJ.I setup the below AS2511 configuration which is working well except I cannot reverse Telnet into my 2 2960 switchesMy equipment model numbers are as follows;R1: 1841R2: 1841R3: 1841S1: 2960S2: 2960...

jared.j01 by Beginner
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I could not apply service-policy input on an interface of 3850 lanbase but can apply service-policy output on an interface. Have no error but no show on configuration ? Software  version 03.02.02.SE. Is this the way it should be, no service-policy in...

Hi Everyone,I need to test FTP functionality of server as i need to upgrade the IOS via FTP.I have made text file name switch1.txt that has only ip dhcp snooping in it.If i use this command copy ftp://admin:{pw}@

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hello Cisco, I'm trying to figure out why my ISP adds this static route to an internal address to my routing table. I was able to determine that it is very important by adding an ACL to block outbound traffic to it. Is it just some ISP magic?Thank yo...

marsbuff1 by Beginner
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Conversation started today8:55pmRohit Saurav Hi ,My Egress router 2951 is experiencing 100%  high cpu utilization periodically , leading loss of session .can't able to ping the devices and lot more.  The RX and TX load is completly utililzed.Please g...

                   Hei guys, a quick help.I configured my nexus 3548 and connected to outside device which is a Fortigate. For some reason the port in switch is not coming up. I changed the speed to 1gbps. I connected laptop in switch and Fortigate s...

I am looking to troubleshoot high CPU on 4510. I enabled ISE(802.1x) on 4510, and CPU went up. I have a similar setup on another 4510 and CPU is normal. I think the problem is one of the older blades.. Is there a way to find out process/memory utiliz...

Resolved! Apply correct Nat

Experts,I need to apply the correct NAT for a server that will be receiving a RDP connection, port 3389 and requires a Static NAT.Attached my config, straight forward and small.  I currently have everyone leaving with this rule one nat rule:Important...

Hello Team,Could anyone suggest if I use lots of etherchannel configuration running between my access(4500) and DS(6500)  may create any etherchannnel issue. As in my enviroment I am experiecing my access switch bundled interfaces getting down and we...

Hi,I am trying to upgrade Nexus 5596 out of box, have assigned IP address to management interface & default route under management VRF, not able to ping management interface from within nexus, what is needed to make it work ?Will TFTP work for downlo...

Hi i have a problem with a Catalys 6509-E, it was worrking normal but i dont know what happen and have this messgaes currently in console of supervisor that field...Initializing ATA monitor library...Self extracting the image... [OK]Self decompressin...

iccjflores by Beginner
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