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Port Channel interface

Hi,What is the purpose of enabling port channel interface using "int port-channel".Before enabling this port, I can able to ping my destination, but now i can't.With the following configuration, I can able to ping my destination and can use both the ...

Line card speed with 6800 and 6900

The WS-X68xx series line card has a fabric of 40Gbps and a 16 Port 10GE has a 4:1 oversubscription rate. The WS-X6908-10G has a fabric speed of 80Gbps and has a 1:1 oversubscription rate.If I mixed the 68xx and 69xx series line card, do I get 80Gbps ...

DaveLimKK by Beginner
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Resolved! 3 Cisco WS-C2960S-24PS-L floods network

I have three new 2960 switches as listed in the title. I configured them as follows:     host: whse-c192.168.1.216     host: whse-b192.168.1.217     host: whse-aSwitches B and C flow into A before continuing on into the server room switc...

Need help selecting router

I was wondering if someone could help me select a router that would be powerful enough for my organization. At the main site we currently use a 2851 that has a VPN connection to a remote site, the Internet line may also be upgraded from 30Mbps to 100...

871W and Radio Interface

Hi,    I have configured Cisco 871W with Wifi and Lan ports for user access . LAN ports seems to be working fine however SSID is not being broadcasted , following is configuration of my 871W version 12.4no service padservice timestamps debug datetime...

Resolved! multicast mac maps , ip address

  Hi everybody.I hope everybody is doing great.I just want to verify few examples below:ip address multicast mac address for the above ip address is: 0100:5e00:0101ip address  multicast mac:   0100:5e0c:0101Are my examples ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Port Security in 2950 and 2960

Dear all, I successfully configure port security in 2950 switch. But when i am trying in 2960 it is not working. i configure all the relevent commands but still its not working. any one have an idea why it is behaving like this:Example when its worki...