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Dear anyone, I use the Switch 2960S support PoE and 10 access points cisco. I have one more question: -- If all 10 access points cisco use copper cable to connect to 2960S, 5 access points use power adapter and 5 access points use power from Switch. ...

khang2711 by Beginner
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Hi   I configure some commands on the 3750 as follow:interface Vlan401 description PC_VLAN01 ip address secondary ip address standby 1 ip standby 1 priority 150 standby 1 preempt stand...

red_lee by Beginner
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Resolved! RIP Scenario

Hi Everyone,I have here a configured RIP scenario.It was configured using RIP version 1. In my understanding RIP v1 supports classful network, but when i check the route of Router 1, the RIP acknowledge the network and network Ro...

rivanfrank by Beginner
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Hi Guys,     I have created a VLAN on one of our switches and assigned it an address.  I have also enabled ip-helper on this interface as we require connectivity to the DHCP server in our domain.  I have setup a static route on the directly connected...

I have a 6509 running catOS that i had to do some routing changes on this weekend. I guess i forgot to set the default route so now I can't login or ping from outside the local subnet and because of acl restrictions on the vty lines can't login from ...

Resolved! id top talkers?

We have Cisco 3750G and 2960G switches. Not sure of the iOS level.The network is vlan'd. Is there a tool that will id the top talkers on a given vlan?Or how do you id the top talkers on a given vlan?I'm told by our network admin that there's no way t...

jwa999999 by Beginner
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Hello,I'm interested if someone tested on 3750-24/48TS and 3750G-24TS to remove the fan to make the switch more silent. I'm not interested in replies telling that is risky, I'm interested to know if someone tried this and how is the switch acting. Ha...

Hi.I'm wondering if it's possible to have a server with two NICs teamed with Dynamic Link Aggregation or Static Link Aggregation, connected to two different SG300 switches with a two ports LAG, to achieving load balancing and redundancy.To best under...

mrolemos02 by Beginner
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hi ,i want to ask about pruning vlans towards the router.form the figure below :generally , we use vt pruning to prevent unnecessary broadcast .also i read that the switch know if the next switch connected with , has a port association to the vlans ....

Dr.X by Explorer
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Hi,Struggle to find the SNMP MIBS of the Nexus 5000 FEX tranceiversExample below:The following show commands display the serial numbers and part numbers of the FEX transceivers switch# show interface transceiver fex-fabric Ethernet1/5    sfp is prese...

Hi All,I am having 2 switch, in which i planned to use port channel. My question is1. If I configure both the switches with channel group, do I have to use same channel number. ( I planned to use LACP )2.   If it is necessary to configure port channe...