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Catalyst 3750 Web Interface Broken

On a WS-C3750X-24 running software version 12.2(55)SE5 when I try to access the web administration interface with Firefox 17ESR, all I see is an empty 3x4 table with a blue-grey bar at the top and four icons in the first column: a green speech balloo...

securing my switches

hi all.. i need to know what is the best security practice for my below config on switch according to the networkdiagram i have ( isp---ASA---Router---SW1----SW2) - im using PVST between sw1 and sw2 and divided the vlans                              ...

Switching Advice

I have a requirement to implement routing among 3 locations as shown in the following diagram. Location A.B & C are in a unique subnet in default vlan1. I cannot make any changes on these networks (A, B & C) because it's not under my control. Now I a...

avilt by Participant
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unable to add access-list for snmp

I am trying to add an access list to snmpbut getting the following error. We recently re-ip this switches and the only changes we have made is re-ip mgmt0 and move them into new subnet # snmp-server community foobar use-ipv4acl mgmt-access3Internal C...

lchan007 by Beginner
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Resolved! Latest IOS for Cisco router 2911

Please could someone help me with c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.157-3.M8.bin file for Cisco 2911 i need it to upgrade my router but i currently don't have a contract to download it on cisco site.  

systems100 by Beginner
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Resolved! X4500 with VSS Replacement

Hi all, I have to replace some X4500 pairs running with vss through new 95k pairs.I think vss is not compatible to stackwise virtual  so what is the best way to replace the X4500 without big issues?regardsChris   

c.glaser by Beginner
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Resolved! SG350 / SG350X setup advice and a few questions

Hi,I managed this setup in a test environement:   Notice: Once I afford one of the new fanless 10 Gb switches, it will replace the SG350, but I need a silent switch there and all cabling reaches that room. So I cannot swap the switches. I had to crea...

Internet Network Diagram Template 7.vpd-tmp.png
Filomena by Beginner
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Right Choice of switches

Hi all, looking for some advice please; I am looking for 29** and 36** switches that meet these criterias; 25           Switch Layer 2, 48 porte POE, Uplink 1Gbps, Stackable2             Switch Layer 3, 24 o 48 porte, Modulo 4x1Gbps o 8x10GbpsCan you...

C9407 show power incorrect

I wanted to check how much power our new Catalyst 9407 is consuming. The switch is configured and running.There is only one Access Point connected. No other clients. #sh power Power Fan States Sup...

Resolved! Dynamic VLAN assignement works randomly on 2960-X after upgrading in 15.2(7)E1

Hello After upgrading our 2960-X stacks from 15.2(6)E3 to 15.2(7)E1, dynamic vlan assignment through MAB works randomly.We sometimes encounter this kind of errors :%PM-3-INTERNALERROR: Port Manager Internal Software Error (vlan > 0 && vlan < PM_MAX_V...

Resolved! Cisco 9200 IOS Update

I have two C9200-24T switches that I have setup and stacked, and next I was looking to update the from 16.10.1 to 16.11.1. I had read the update process for the 9200's were different. Can I no longer copy the Bin file to flash and then execute a boot...