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hi teamGood day.Could you help me please, I have some doubts with the update of the version for Catalyst 4500 that we have in the company.I want to update the version to the recommended version of cisco. Can you recommend the steps to update a vss. F...

Hello,Here is a C2960-XR, ip routing is enabled, two SVI are created and IP are given, two vlans are created and are appearing in the vlan database,  but still cannot ping a machine in a vlan from a machine in an another vlan. whait is missing?Any id...

AE111 by Level 1
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Hi, i have an issue with configuring dot1x. Switch version is: Switch Ports Model                     SW Version            SW Image ------ ----- -----                     ----------            ---------- *    1 52    WS-C2960+48PST-S          15.2(7...

Timur A by Level 1
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When the SFP is connected, the switch does not boot after a power failure. The sfp must be disconnected before the switch boots normally. Please help Thank you

Velmez by Level 1
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I have an environment that is a typical hub and spoke LAN topology i.e. multiple access switches all connecting back to the collapsed backbone/core. The core is the Layer 3 gateway for the various VLANs, and all access switches are merely layer 2 ext...

We receive up/down logs of ports from switches. But we cannot get the device names and IPs of the switches in those logs at Wazuh. Wazuh experts wrote that "i think that this could help you:https://community.cisco.com/t5/switching/hostname-in-syslog/...

cisco ss.png

Hi,I cannot figure out why my DHCP server is not able to provide IPs to end-clients on a vlans controlled by a multi-layer switch. When the end clients are assigned static IPs they can talk to the DHCP server (ping or browse to the http service), but...

302283180 by Level 1
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so i have RSPAN configured across a few switches  is it possible for me to  use RSPAN on a local switch as a destination to then use it again as a source to send to the collector interface this is my config on my BB switch to which my collector is co...

Yu3 by Level 1
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