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We have a 6500 where random interfaces are reporting up and down.  See example output below;Oct 2916:48:45: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface GigabitEthernet1/8/21, changed state to downOct 29 16:48:46: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Gigabit...

Hi All,I've noticed that when using the range command to configure multiple interfaces on a 3750 the SSH session oftens hangs.It's seems the more interfaces in the range command the more often it hangs. I have a feeling it also spikes up the CPU.Has ...

I have a single 6509 (VSS Sup) configured and running as a core switch.  We are preparing to merge this into a VSS pair with a new 6509, fresh out of the box.  I am comfortable with the VSS process but have always had two clean switches that I put in...

cbradt by Beginner
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I have an Oracle Solaris server on which a network interface is reporting input errors.  A case was opened with Oracle and they indicated that the nature of the noted input errors indicate the NIC dropped a packet that was either too large or too sma...

kmcneil by Beginner
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HiLets consider a layer 2 switch. Just see below configuration for an example...!vlan 3name williams!vlan 4name sam!vlan 12name harris!vlan 107name brucewilllis!vlan 150name harrisonford!vlan 151name willsmith!spanning-tree mst configurationname conf...

jegan1234 by Beginner
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We have IP device on the farm switch(cat6500, which is an access layer siwtch), with the gateway on the core switches (Nexus7000), on the core when I do show ip arp, I found the macBut when I do sh mac add add of that mac there is no port attached to...

Have you guys seen a problem like this before?  After a shutdown due to power outage, some vlans being trunked to an access layer switch would not pass traffic.  Some vlans connected and allowed traffic, some did not.  We had to disable and re-enable...

blamb by Beginner
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Hello,I am looking to automate the process of changing a vlan for an employee who requires access to an outside line seperate from our corporate network. This employee only works Mondays from specific hours and I am trying to use Kron to change the v...

brian.plue by Beginner
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                   Hi all,On core device we have vlan interface where Also we have configured no ip redirects Need to undertsand purpose of above command?ThanksMahesh

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Guys,I have following question we have 6500 series switches by default all port channel loadbalancing is src-dst-ip.Now we have a requirement to change LACP load balance method to src-dst-port.1) If we change LACP loadbalance method whar are the effe...

Hi,I am trying to configure BGP for ISP connectivity, when i enter the network statement under BGP the mask part does not appear hence the network is not advertised with the mask.See attached config;router bgp <OUR_AS> bgp log-neighbor-changes neighb...