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I am trying to interconnect a pair of Nexus 5548 at adjacent sites, using 2 2960-S switches at each site, the reason being that the Multimode Fiber between the sites will only support 100mb and I need this up while I finish having SMF laid.I have att...

jburk by Beginner
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Hello,I recently purchased a 3560-X and i am just in the process of setting it up, my question is there a recommended way i should connect it to my ASA. Just playing around i was able to setup a routed port on the 3560 and connect it to the ASA and e...

        Hi allI am having a little issues digesting the topic: ip multicast helperhere is the cisco Doc:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/ipmulti/configuration/guide/imc_inter_mc_helper.pdfif i want to have bidirectional connection between 2 networ...

smehrnia by Rising star
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One of my sites with a 2811router and IOS 12.3(8)T10 is configured for DHCP service leasing addresses for 30 days.  When my Wyse thin client boots it requests a IP address for PXE and then for the OS.  The PXE address should only lease for 5 minutes ...

I have 2 - Nexus 5548's connecting to a 3750x stack.  I'm trying to bring up a trunk between the a Nexus 5548 and the master switch.  The trunk will not come up.  Is the native Vlan a requirement?  Below is what I currently have configured.  I have t...

darcy by Beginner
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Hi,We own several WS-C4506 with Supervisor II+ running  IOS image 4500-ipbase-mz.122-31.SGA6.bin,i want to utilize the mgmt port for out-of-band management but i can't find it on the interface list.Does anyone know how to activate and configure this ...

talmadari by Beginner
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Hi all,I'm currently quite baffled with the problem I'm encountering. I hope you can help me figuring this one out. My setup is as follows:I've got four nexus 7k's as core switches. Two of them per datacenter. Connected to them are 4 5k's, again two ...

mvknl by Beginner
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Hello there, I am hoping someone can answer these questions for me. I know that the ASR 1002 has 4 integrated ports but the problem that I am having is that I need two of those ports to emulate a L2 switched port. Is that doable? If not than I need t...

Are 887VAM-W-E-K9 and 800-IL-PM2 compatible? We have got both of them but it seems that router has a 30W power source and module has a 80W power source. Is there any document to clarify this? Thanks!

Guys,  I am facing problem with Cisco 4948 switch and got reloaded 2 times automatically. We are not facing  any issue before & after reloading. Please see below error:4d12h: %C4K_SWITCHINGENGINEMAN-4-FATALERRORINTERRUPTSEEN: 4d12h: %C4K_HWPORTMAN-4-...

I have a Catalyst 4006 switch in a test environment which I have setup as per the below link. The setup works fine but I have a few queries.http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps663/products_tech_note09186a0080094959.shtmla) When I execut...

avilt by Participant
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