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Looked over the documentation and most of the DHCP snooping posts here, but have yet to see a scenario such as the one that I'm getting ready to roll out…wanna get it correct the 1st time.Here's what it looks like…•Hub / Spoke topology•Hub an...

Hi all.I have 2 switches, one with RSTP enable and the other no.I have connected it using 2 cables. I have observed that STP doesn't block any port.I have show the CAM table and I have observed that the ports of the switch that doesn't has STP enable...

Good Morning,I'm having a few issues with a Cisco Catalyst 2950 48 port Switch where by i'm trying to access the system, ( Note I've ommited customer identifying information with Astrix )I've followed the password recover procedure and set the passwo...

HiAlmost in every I read document,mentioned that uplink fast sholud not be activated On transit node and must be activated only on access switch.But I could not find out the reason.Thanks for any guidanceSent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

N.ima0102 by Beginner
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   Good day experts.We have been having a discussion at work regarding IP addressing best practicesfor Inter VLAN routing & default gateways IP addresses.My question is:Is it best practice to use the 1st IP address in the block as the Inter VLAN IP a...

Zebedee007 by Beginner
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Hi guys,     I want to use the following for the dns-server option on the 2821.Currently, I am trying to configure it as such:dns-server PPP GIG0/1There is the GIG0/1 ISP IP, a L2TP link thru the Virtual-ppp1 interface.Ideas?Thx.

guys confuse abt one thing in DHCPwe have a swicth and a routervlan 100 in swicth and is router ethernet ip which swicth is conected to.ip dhcp pool exclude 1-2ip dhcp pool user   network   default-route...

Our customer has a stack of 6 3750G switches.  They want to add another switch to the stack.  I tried to quote another G, but I got a warning that the G series is EOS January 30,2013.  Can I add a 3750X to the stack?  I know that no matter what switc...

Hello,I'm looking to upgrade my dual 6509 VSS enviornment from s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI1 --> s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI4.They are dual WS-C6509-E with MOD's: VS-S720-10G (VS-F6K-PFC3C)I followed Cisco's Document seen here: htt...

latintrpt by Beginner
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Hey guys,I've been racking my head about this a few days now, thought I'd see if anybody could tell me what is wrong.  I have a c1721 with a 4 Port WIC.  I can't seem to get anything out to the internet.  I can hit the router itself, but it just wont...

CIBT Inc by Beginner
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