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Cisco 2960 RESET

                   I have a cisco 2960 that I seemed to have lost the password. Its just a test switch. I would like to know how to reset it to factory default. I have managed to get to a switch: prompt by holding in the small mode button on the fron...

darren849 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 1841 Dual Nat Config: route-maps?

hello everyone,I am facing a problem and i have no idea how to solve it since its is above my current level of expertise so i need some expert assistance here.I Have a 1841 setup home for my personal ADSL Wireless/Router/ (Lol yes its ubber).Recentrl...

nemiath76 by Beginner
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BGP neighbours with loopback interface.

Hi,I configured BGP in 2 different ASN. All route did not exchange properly. I am Attaching the topology and configuration of all routers. Plz find the mistake and help me to correct it.Router 1!!version 12.4service timestamps debug datetime msecserv...

many MAC addresses on same port

Hi,We got a bunch of port-sec violations on port fa1/0/42. after checking logs, we noticed that the MAC address responsible for generating the alert was not one, but many.We asked the user, he said he only restarted his computer.The MAC addresses hap...

3750 Stack - advice on config

I have a number of 3750 switches stacked with the cables at the back.I now have a brand new 3750G 24-TS to install and I presume it makes sense for it to be the stack master as its the latest switch with the newest IOS.Should I just plug it in, or cl...

Resolved! Strange Network Requirement

Had a client tell me today of a bizarre requirement...He wants to build a leaf/spine fabric with NO Oversubscription at all between leaf and spine...So, imagine a 64-port 10G switch as a leaf...he wants to use 32 for servers and 32 for uplinks...he w...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Connecting Multiple switches to a Single Firewall

                   Could I configure and connect 3 Dell switches to an ASA-5525 Firewall which has got 8 interfaces                                                                                                             

L2 traffic information

Hi,We want to get L2 traffik amount (bit/byte) passing through a cisco switch (6500/3560 ...) for a specific VLAN. it can be via SNMP or CLI ...How can we do that? note: there is no L3 interface on swtiches.

Resolved! What is this error?

I can't see anything on the pcmcia cards I've tried 3 of them, even after being formatted and I KNOW they have an IOS on them, but when I dev all cards they show nothing except for the bootflash, this is a 7206 chassis, NPE400 with an I/O card. Im be...

bigalwhite by Beginner
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Freebsd syslog messaging

How to log ip addresses of remote hosts in /var/log/local* files in place of hostnames on a freebsd syslog server?Right now, the log messages look as below:“May 31 20:06:22 <local6.info> nxos-z11-2 : 2012 May 31 07:24:21.904 UTC….”While, I want it to...

nilsahu by Beginner
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