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VLAN types and Router on a Stick

Two quick questions here.1. Do User/Data VLANs prevent voice and management traffic from accessing the other VLANs, or does it not work or what? I've read a few conflicting things about it.2. Does putting a router on a stick to allow for cross VLAN c...

Cisco WS-C2960-48PST-L

Hi there,I need a WS-C2960-48PST-L next week and noticed to have WS-C2960-48PST-S’s in stock, is it possible to turn one of these into a “-L” version and what would be the cost for one if we do so?Cheers

Coreysmith by Beginner
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FaceTime video freeze

I have a RV082 VPN Router and when making Apple facetime calls my transmitted video is frozen.  The received video is okay but my picture is frozen for the people I am calling.  Firewall on or off makes no difference.  Calls initiated on other networ...

dn71alexa by Beginner
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autonegotiation changed on C3750V2 ?

Hello all,Has Cisco changed something on the way autonegotiation works in the new IOS ?? I feel like a dummie: i hooked uptwo switches with a cross cable, configured one port in static 100 full duplex, the other one in autonegotiation and theautoneg ...

gnijs by Enthusiast
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STP Problem between 2960-S and SG300

I am currently having an issue with connecting a Catalyst 2960-S switch to a Small Business SG300 switch. When I connect them they are unable to form a link. When I do a show spanning-tree it says the mst link is in dispute. Does anyone know how to r...

Resolved! changing startup-config only on ASA

I am in need of changing the public IP on an ASA, but doing it remotely.  Anyone have an ideas on how to do that?  I was thinking I would have to edit the startup-config somehow, but Im not sure how I would do that.  I would need to change the public...

jjoseph01 by Participant
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Cisco 3750 - Public VLAN routing

Hi everyone,I have a quick query which i need ratified before proceeding.  I have the following scenario - Two Cisco 3750v2 switches with stackwiseISP allocated block of /26 (64 addresses)8 customers each with a VLAN and SVIInternet facing VLAN and S...

Supervisory2T VPLS support

Hi,SUP2T should now natilely support VPLS, but I nowhere can find scalability infos about VPLS supportI saw a presales preso where they mention VPLS-support up to 16K VPLS-Instances but as well on CCO the info that just 4K instaces are supported unde...

3750 as a port channel bridge

I have 3750 core/distribution switches with routing enabled in two offices connected with copper link and L3 port channel interfaces. NewOffice#2 has moved about 5 miles farther away from office#1 and I have to deploy new core/distribution switch con...

wilson.jr by Beginner
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issues enable IP accounting

I have a 6500 and I would like to enable IP accounting on a wan interface.  I have done the following on the interface level C6K(config-if)#ip accounting output-packetsand the switches gives me :Accounting will exclude mls traffic when mls is enabled...

network770 by Beginner
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