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Two switches, both connected to each other via e1/0.  Why am I getting a native vlan mismatch error when they are both access ports?BTW, this is not live equipment, but a simulator.DLS1#sh run int e1/0 Building configuration...Current configuration :...

Hi,What does the led OK for WIC-1B-S/T mean ? On my T0 connexion, it is sometimes green, at other times no light at all.Is it a configuration mistake or a problem with the line ?Regards,Anuloma -

Who helps with my topology-problem?i have the following situation which is puzzling me a lot:the layer 2switches are cisco sg200-8p and located on floor 1 and 2. the layer 3 switch is an cisco sg 300-28p and located on floor 3 and is supposed to do t...

JohnM.Doe by Beginner
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Hello!a newbie here. i would like to know on how can i setup my cisco 877 router at my small officehere are the things that i need to do:1. i need enter the internet static ip address 61.10.xx.xx/subnet mask/gateway/dns provided by my ISP.2.i need to...

HiI've downloaded and install GNS 3 and needed information on how to buy or acquire a copy of IOS for my GNS 3 . I'm preparing to sit to CCNP and information to be shared would be very much appreciated.ThanksSal

I have two 3750G switches that are in a stack, and I am seeing these errors in the log:002258: Feb  4 17:06:06.355 UTC: %PM-3-INTERNALERROR: Port Manager Internal Software Error (vlanid >=0 && vlanid < PM_MAX_VLANS: ../switch/pm/pm_vlan.c: 1279: pm_v...

Source of this discussion...my Boss!From my years of experience, I do not know of a set of vlan tag ids that are specific other than VLAN 1. Which in truth is more like an axiom in the industry. Cisco has release Validated designs that refer to how t...

utstdavit by Beginner
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