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Hi,Just a quick question... looking to carry on designing a new network and have come up with a few questions! I have identified a number of VLANs which I would like but am confused as to their implementation...For example I would like a network mana...

Hi:What would be the best VSL design in a setup where I have  2 Sups in each chassis and 2 6708 in each chassis as well.Based on what I have read so far, if the active sup fails the whole chassi wil be reinitialized, meaning that Standby VSS will tak...

If I remove from service one of the real servers from the farm for maintenance, (no inservice), will it drop all connections to that real right away or will it let them gracefully close as the users close their sessions to that server?Thanks!

Suppose I enter these commands:Switch(config)#int fa1/1Switch(config-if)#speed 100Switch(config-if)#duplex autoIt is not clear if with this configuration the interface can do autonegotiation.And if the interface can do autonegotiation, it is not clea...

I am somewhat new to networking and would like to ask my network admin  to add about 30 vlans to a switch interface for convenience purposes.   Normally we get a few interfaces ether-channeled together and get three  or 4 vlans put on these interface...

Hello. I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction here. I am attempting to configure a VLAN for a guest wireless network at a clients site.The AP will be a procurve 420 that has a guest SSID and a VLAN set up on it (Vlan240) it is ...

J W by Beginner
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Hi,I know that by using the extended commands under the ping ip utility, I'm able to source a ping from a specific IP interface on a router, but is there a way to do the same with a traceroute? I'm trying to verify whether a specific subnet (VLAN) on...

pweinhold by Beginner
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Hi,I want users accessing www.learnlive.com to have priority using QoS.QoS on our router (connected to our service provider). QoS on our switch (connected to the router):!class-map match-any LearnLive  match access-group 90!!policy-map QoS  class Lea...

Hi Folks,In my network there is STP issue. SW1 is connected to firewall and SW2..SW2 is connected to SW3. We didnt change the priority.SW3 becomes root bridge as it has lower MAC address.can you tell me how the data flow if SW1 wants to communicate w...

Hi all,i have  cisco 861 k9 routers , one at A site and second at B site .this configuration works fine for days, but it is not working...i can ping from A site to and and but not to And cant ping to any i...

I have a problem with Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series switches, I created a vlan 1 to 10 and a subnet with a DHCP server that hands out IP address that works but can not connect to the ISP who can help with so I'm using the internet switches ?

pcfreak49 by Beginner
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