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No AUX Port Line in the Configuration

I want to configure resverse telnet on a Cisco 7613 and 6509. When I go into the configuration, I see "line vty" and "line con 0", but DO NOT see a "line AUX". There are physical aux ports on these devices, how can I configure them? Thanks in advance...

telnet failed

Hi,Does someone know if it's possible to acess to terminal console via AUX port of cisco 800 routers ?for my router, this is the output of show command :Router#sh line   Tty Typ     Tx/Rx    A Modem  Roty AccO AccI   Uses   Noise  Overruns   Int     ...

Ayad by Beginner
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no ping 3548XL

In my network there are several 3548XL switches.The last few weeks I have problems with random switches.The switch seems to work fine. links are ok. the users have no problem!!But I can't ping to or from the switch to other devices on the network.sho...

sdrent by Beginner
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Resolved! VSS - Max Bandwidth Between Switches

hey all, we're looking into the VSS system now.plan is to inter-connect the switches via dual 10GE links.is a single flow restricted to one link where it can only burst up to 10GE (similar to etherchannel)?or, can the flow utilize both links between ...

Robert Ho by Beginner
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Add a VLAN with DHCP Range

Hi,I am looking to create a vlan for visitors to my network to isolate them from the LAN. Below is the breakdown of my LAN.IP Range: - 254 - LAN Devices. (VLAN1) - 254 - IP Telephony Devices.(VLAN10)The gateway is my CME 192.16...

DUal ISPs on 2811

Hello All,I was wondering if someone could point me in  eright direction.  I have a 2811 router that I want to have you 2 different ISPs.  I would think the easiest way to go would be to have a primary ISP and a secondary one where the traffic flows ...

angel-moon by Participant
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HSRP Distance limitation?

Hi FolksI have a customer that is adding redudancy in the network in their facility. A few months ago, they have added a secondary telecom room within the campus but in a different building. The service provider will move/install the backup circuit (...

Resolved! Cisco 6500 - LACP traffic

I have a circuit between two 6500 switches, its 100BaseT at the customer end and Etherchannel inbetween.  The 100BaseT ports are configured with dot1q-tunnel.  The customer is sending LACP traffic, they are stating we are blocking LACP traffic.  Can ...