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hi,i have following setup -edge switchescore switchfirewallISP line is connected to firewall and from firewall, it goes to core switch.Edge swiches are connected directly to core switch. finally users are connected to edge swicth.There are vlans defi...

How many IPv4 Unicast routes does the switch support?How many IPV4 Multicast Routes does the switch support?How many IPv6 Unicast routes does the switch support?How many IPV6 Multicast Routes does the switch support?# of ACL's supported?Which flow te...

Hi,I am looking to optimize my 6500 VSS based architecture as per customer requirement due to cost contraints....Kindly find the ppt document attached for your perusal.Question/Query:I am connecting edge switch to single chassis in VSS bundle. In cas...

for normal interface we can do : ping ( ex:).                                              show arp | i   to see the arp entry.Could any one tell me how to see arp entry for ping vrf name ( ex:). ?

nihammimm by Level 1
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I need  to use a SAN Switch from Cisco  with 12 × 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports but i need another Switch coz this  one is  very  expensive WS-C3560E-12D-S

aitriy001 by Level 1
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Hey guys,I was wondering if you can take a look at my config for my QoS Policy for my 4507 SUP 6-E.  This 4507 will have two uplinks to two Nexus 7000's.  I'm doing a trusted QoS device policy with a policy map on each interface so it can re-classify...

latintrpt by Level 1
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I need to decide between two solutions for my corporate LAN of 250 users over 4 floors in the same building. One alternative is to use cat6500 core swicth in the middle, and separate server farm using nexus 5548P and some Nexus 2K fabric extenders. T...

Resolved! New to QoS

Hello,     I'm beginning to spend more time working with a researching QoS.  I've worked enough with it in the past for basic things, but I would like to develop a more fundamental understanding of its mechanics and logical design considerations.  My...

I have two routers that I want to use HSRP on. Figure that part of the config is rather simple:####### Router 1 ####### interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address standby 1 ip standby 1 priority 120 standby 1 preempt####...

jasonww04 by Level 1
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I am trying to setup a connection in my router that will staticly translate the sourec and destination of a packet and then send it over the GRE tunnel.Original packet S- D- routerDesired packetGlobal Packet S- ...