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I have 3750 stacks on both sites to terminate 2 x 100MB WAN links. I will configure etherchannel for the two links so that we have 200M bandwidth.1) As the WAN link down will not indicate down to the switch port, will LACP help to detect the link fai...

We have a Cisco 3925 router with an EHWIC-4ESG card running on IOS image c3900-universalk9-mz.SPA.150-1.M2.bin.  A show diag shows this card as disabled/not supported.  Needing assistance to determine if the IOS code installed is the reason for the c...

swharvey by Participant
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Dear Experts,I have been experiancing a critical issue and I am in need of your support to find out the cause.The issue is, My Backup servers and few other production server are in the same VLAN.Whenever Backup jobs are running I could see lot of pac...

Here is my setup.Local Ofice----> WAN Links---->Remote DC-> Firewall -----Internet link.At Remote DC we have Windows systems, cisco switches/routers/VPN concentrator, AS400 systems, Checkpoint Firewall,load balancers, Bluecoat proxy etc.Sometime some...

avilt by Participant
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HelloI have received several c2950 that have had their IOS removed and I can not get it back onto it. I have tried copy xmodem: flash: and the ios and that did not work. and I have tried tftp but for some reason that would not push the IOS onto it. I...

AlanELint by Beginner
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Hello,We have a stack of six 3750 switches.  Periodically, the switch stack logs a message indicating that the stack port on one side or the other of the stacking cable or on both sides simultaneously, goes down, then one second later comes up:Oct 10...

I have a 6509 with many VLANs and a seperate DHCP server to provide addresses.  I need to create an additional VLAN (VLAN 20) and I would like to use the 6509 as the DHCP Server for the new VLAN. I know to set up:ip dhcp excluded-address 2...

Chris Brun by Beginner
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Hi Forums,i am new on the CISCO IOS.. I am configuring my cisco 1841 with hwic-1t serial port but i have problems with nat for my LAN.The router "pings" all IP addresses but all LAN doesn't navigate. Where is my mistake ?interface Loopback0 descripti...

stemond79 by Beginner
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One of my main routers is getting a bunch of buffer misses, resulting in packet drops.  I have pasted output below:Genoa-C3845-Rtr#  sh buffBuffer elements:     1117 in free list (1119 max allowed)     445357378 hits, 0 misses, 619 createdPublic buff...

Concept question.  In theory, if you have a daisy chained switch with a trunk inbetween where one end has allowed vlans specificed, the other end does not. WIll the VLAN traffic pass without fail?  Is that essentially allowing all VLANS both ways? IE...