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Hello,I am trying to use policy routing in a setup to basically override the routing table and maintain constant connectivity across a network topology.  My topology is like this:server1---router1---wireless link A---router2---server2                ...

Hallo,im a little confused. I have to build a scalable system with 336 gigabit ports minimum.So I decided to use an 6513 chassis. Ive got a Sup 2-2GE and a C6500-SFM on stockand want to use it. I was searching the internet and the Cisco website for i...

hello all.I have a question regarding qos over frame-relay .Let's say we dont use the same classification and marking on both sides of the network.On side A you put traffic X in REAL-TIME class (dscp=ef)  and on side B you put traffic X in DATA class...

Hi,Today, I have established SSH connection to 2600XM from Poderosa.But I can not shift to "enable mode" such as following...****************************************************************************************R01>enablePassword: c(When I input fi...

okumura by Beginner
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Hi Experts,This is my first time and, I am in a situation where I have to configure VSS between two 6509E & Load balancing using ACE.I shall be grateful if someone can help me with step by step configuration of VSS and how does load balancing works w...

I have few Switches configured in STP mode RSTP with portfast default, portfast bpduguard default.What can be done on SW1 for STP convergence time faster FOUR times the other switches?I am thinking to change max-age to 5 second on SW1 as default on o...

Hello,I have today my datacenter (quite small - 25 servers) sharing the same IP range as the LAN users.Everything is working on'd like to split this LAN network into 2 LAN:datacenter will still get (laptop/pc) ...

MAGMAJAZZ by Beginner
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I have read many threads on this subject, and have not been able to get any of them to work...My problem started by saving a config file onto the 6500, and subsequently when the 6500 is booted, it comes back with the error about the first file on the...

fosterl2 by Beginner
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