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I would like to know what is the maximum temperature that a module can work without having any problem?I looked on the internet for a document where I had this information, but I didn't find anything, if anyone can share, I'd appreciate it.Switch mod...

Hi This may have been asked / answered before but I was wondering if anyone knows if it'd be possible to stack a 9200 & 9300 switch together? I've read through the white papers which only mention the 9300 & 9300L not working in a mixed stack and was ...

jazzipup by Level 1
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HiI have a range of static ip, username and password of the PPPoE account, provided by my isp. I want to configure PPPoE on my new router, and I want my ip to be in that range. My isp uses chap authentication.The doubt is:Should I use the instruction...

newIntern by Level 1
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Hi All,    As the attached Wiring diagram, We have 3 Cisco catalyst 9300, two at site no. 1 and the other at site no.2 connected with dark fibre.  can we stake the three switches with each other, on-site no1 with the stacking kit and on-site no 2 wit...

alsaily by Level 1
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Hi there  I am new in networking and at this moment i am making an excercise (VLAN, Static route, DHCP, ... and ACL). Everything works fine but not the ACL I have a DMZ with a webserver that is connected with an edge router where I need to configure ...

9K by Level 1
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Hi All Do you know if there are soon to be released Cat 9x00 Models with 8-12 ports? I'd like to not buy new 2960-CX or 3560-CX models if I can avoid it. Would be nice to have everything running the same OS with the same features. Also I somehow disl...

I intend to use this switch in a LAN with custom devices that have unusual MAC addresses. The least significant bits of the first byte are 11, and the EUI-48 specification indicates that some network devices will interpret these bits as multicast and...