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2960 switch problem

Hi all,I m facing the problem in reloading the IOS in switch by Xmodem.When i m trying to access the rmode then mesg is displayed "Access is denied".Full message is given below:C2950 Boot Loader (C2950-HBOOT-M) Version 12.1(11r)EA1, RELEASE SOFTWARE ...

Giga port: auto-negociation and fixed speed

hello,I have a question regarding the giga port o catalyst 4500 switches.I read that for giga links, auto-negociation is the best (speed, duplex, pause frame). Then what happens if the speed is forced, with a cat2960 switch, even with not crossed ca...

jabouaf by Beginner
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Resolved! Layer3/2 Switching

Network topology consists of 3 buildings(Two 6509 & 4500).HSRP is running between the Core 6500 switches.Existing topology is using native VLAN 1( for all dot1q trunks.Plan is to introduce Layer 3 switching for the DATA and Voice VLAN wit...

colmgrier by Beginner
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Query on VAM2+ module on 7206 router

Dear Team Kindly find the show tech of Cisco 7206 router with VAM2+ module. Also, the output of the command "show crypto engine accelerator statistic" is included in the attachment. Kindly provide the following information urgently: 1. What is the c...

vaibhav-g by Beginner
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Resolved! multicast unreachable on same subnet?

GreetingI have a simple multicasting problem, but is so difficult to me.two machine plug into a cat6500, same vlan and same subnet. the subnet is no routing.host configuration is:interface GigabitEthernet12/12 switchport switchport access vlan 111 sw...

julxu by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF Areas

What would be the purpose of configurng an OSPF routing process on, say, a routed access layer switch, and giving it an OSPF process ID of 1, while creating an OSPF process on its OSPF neighbor and giving it a different process ID? What is achieved b...

lamav by Collaborator
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back to the lab again

2 router 2610 and 2501 .. connected by dte/dce .. clock rate is set on the dce.labr1= s0 s 0/0 shut on both. I am trying to have this interfaces talk to each other no luck so farThanks again

Can I display the fingerprint of an RSA key in IOS?

Hi all,Is there a way to display the fingerprint of an RSA key in IOS, so it can be matched against the fingerprint displayed by PuTTY the first time I connect to the device?I know that this has been discussed before and no one has come up with an an...

rstevek by Beginner
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EtherChannel Issue

Hi,I am observing the follwing things on my etherchannels...When issued the sh etherchannel summ on my access switch i am observing one port is in suspended mode out of two ports.After rebooting the access swtich and core switch its coming up...If it...

Hard Code duplex and speed on 2960

I tried to hard code duplex and speed on 2960 switch gig ports. I have 3 switches in series. I go to the last one code speed 1000 and duplex full and it takes the commands. Then On the second I code the same to the connecting port afterword the last...

isenzkx by Beginner
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