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So using a cisco catalyst 2960x during a network outage, I'm trying to connect via console to switch but old IT guy didn't note the password. I can type just fine via console but when I unplug > plug in > press and hold mode until I see "console usb ...

Hi,  I have a problem with Spanning-tree on mixed brand switch FOR RESUME :  There is one C3850 (SW1)  using only spanning tree and  2 Siemens Scalance Switch (SW2 and SW3) In the configuration below, SW3 manage "Alternate port" between SW3/SW2 C3850...

rhaji by Beginner
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I have configured 3 x Meraki switch stacks  do I have to use the stacking interfaces/cables ? the  100 cm  stacking cables are not suitable for how we need to lay the cabinet out 

i am doing a networking assignment that require us to design a network to connect between two different branches , and each branch have two floors. In my assignment i am able to ping between floor to floor but fail to ping between branch to branch . ...

YEOH by Beginner
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We have Nexus 3548s acting as PTP Boundary Clocks.  We're trying to add Dante audio devices to the network but appears PTP version 1 packets are not being passed to devices.  Is it possible to forward PTPv1 packets, like for example on a 9K Nexus?  W...

array by Beginner
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Resolved! Openflow on 9200L

Hello,I want to undertake a project that involves setting up an SDN network via OpenFlow using Cisco Catalyst 9200L switches. I saw on forums three years ago that OpenFlow support starts from the 9300 series. Is this still the case? Are there any wor...

LXIC by Beginner
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Hi there, I have been working on this network for days and I can't seem to get it to work as a whole. At first each Lan was working, then just the WAN. Packets seem to go everywhere but get stuck at the switch? What have a I done wrong?Please see att...

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well !!!I just bought a pair of N9504 with dual SUP to replace my N7K. I am working on bringing the N9504s online as we speak and just to find out that non-disruptive ISSU is not supported on N9K modular chassis. I am s...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,I have 2 nexus 9K in vpc. I want to nat traffic originating from vlan  toward and and IP's are behind Any traffic going towards and IP's s...