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I need to create a new setup using cisco 3750 switches. They will replace 2950 switches which are cascaded using GBIC ports. Need I connect the 3750 switches using stack cables. And in this case therewon't be any requirement to use 10/100 ports to ca...

Dear,I tried to make simple configuration for SOHO with Cisco 1841.Problem is that I Can't access static NATed host from local segement(192.168.1.n)with x.y.z.3(global address). Target host is located in the same segment(192.168.1.n).However, I can a...

syaegashi by Level 1
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Hi there, i have 2 switches, a 2960 and a 3750 connected with trunk links. In the 3750 switch i have the native vlan tagging on. On 2960 i was told by cisco personnel that i doesn't support native vlan tagging. Though, i have placed a sniffer on the ...

Hai experts,we have cisco 3640 router we configured as head office to branch office connectivity for data transfer its working fine in that 3640 router we have nm-8am modele iam trying to configure that if i give group range strangely all my serial l...

Hi All,Is it possible to configure 2 gateways or 2 default routes on a switch.The setup is we have an old 4000 series switch and a new 3560 switch.The new switch is connected to an MPLS cloud which is for datacenter access and does not have internet ...

zanub by Level 1
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Hey all,I'm facing issues in getting an ip address from a DHCP server in a central site. ip helper-address command is configured on the catalyst switch l3 that am connected to. this is connected to an mpls router goes through mpls cloud to the server...

zanub by Level 1
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Resolved! static ip route

Dear Sir,I have the following commands in my 3560 switch:ip classlessip route route route ip routeCodes: C - connected, S - stati...

Hi all,I just installed a 2801 router with a HWIC-D-9ESW 9-port EtherSwitch. This is my first experience with the EtherSwitches and I'm having some problems.All of the EtherSwitch ports were recognized by the router, but the switched and routed inte...

rstevek by Level 1
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Resolved! ACL Question

Which one of the statements below is true?1. A single interface can have only one access list per protocol.2. A single interface can have only one access list per protocol per direction. Ex. One interface having one inbound IP ACL and one outbound ...

douglasd by Level 1
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HelloIn our network, when we do a traceroute the last hop appears 2 time, instead of one.Does anybody know what might be a reason for such traceroute behavior?Thanks in advance for your answers

Resolved! trunk

hi every body!Can any body tell me two fast ethernet ports, set to half duplex, be used for trunk?thanks alot !

sarahr202 by Level 5
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hi all,An organization has one router that is its border with the outsideworld. The gateway router is connected to three internal routers.Only the internal routers have feeds to hosts.NAT needs to be implemented and all the hosts need to be put intoa...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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