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Resolved! Reg OSPF behavior

In OSPF Hello process, if any of below mentioned item does not match, two routers do not form neighbor relationship:-- Must Pass Authentication- Must be in the same primary subnet, including subnet mask- Must be in same OSPF Area- Must be of same are...

Trunked port in router and MTU

I need to adjust the MTU between two routers because of two encryptors in the path between the routers. The router ports are defined as 802.1Q trunked ports. The encryptor only processes layer 2 data smaller than 1420 bytes. can I use the IP mtu c...

Not seeing port assigned to voice vlan-why?

Hi:On a 4506 running 12.1.13EW code, everytime I create a vlan globally as well as in the vlan database and assign a port to it for voice, when I do a show vlan brief, the port does not show as being assigned to the vlan. Is there a reason why? Is th...

rajju by Beginner
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netflow on port-channel interface not work

I have a layer 3 switch, gi1/1 & gi2/1 is port-channel and the channel port is a routed port. I have configured "ip flow ingress" for interface port-channel1, gi1/1 & gi2/1. But it seems that the netflow doesn't work. Below is the inteface config. Is...

About access-list match counter.

Hi to allI`ve applied below access-list on catalys 6509 switch. And then I applied"ip access-group 110 in" to ethernet port.Acl working is fine. but I`ve not see the any match counter list.Your help with this would be appreciated.Regards,TEST#sh acce...

Etherchannel and QoS

Hi,I would like to know if it's possible to set up an Etherchannel between two Cisco 3640 routers using the NM-16ESW cards.And also when configuring QoS, is it configured on the logical port, i.e. the Etherchannel itself, or on each of the physical p...

chris___1 by Beginner
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When creating a SPAN session in IOS, there is an option on the monitor destination command to preserve any VLAN encapsulation. Is there an equivalent option or method with CatOS?The CatOS platform is a 6509 w/Sup720-3b running Hybrid CatOS 8.4(4)/IO...

theobagm by Beginner
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Resolved! Enable Port Security

I was asked to enable port security to learn first MAC-Address on layer-2 devices. This is all the instruction I got. Any suggestion on how to do this is greatly appreciated.

Weird ARP problem

I just installed a device in my vlan 6When I connect my laptop in vlan 6 I can access the device.When I connect my laptop in vlan 1 I cant access the device.If I add a static arp in my core switch:arp 0020.4a52.15f3 ARPAthen it start to w...

msaulnier by Beginner
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Failed loopback test error.

Hello,I have a catalyst 2950. When on , ports 9 to 16 have their LED on solid orange, they are all also administratively down. When i try to do a no shut (bcos they all have a shutdown config in sho run), i get the error message below.f0/9 can't be b...