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Nexus - Qos label allocation failure

Hello everyone, I have a situation here with a nexus switch, once im applying the qos on interface its gives me the following error and link goes into error disable :Nexus-165(config)# int e101/1/11 Nexus-165(config-if)# service-policy type qos input...

nsd138497 by Beginner
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Flooding vs Broadcast

Hi dears,today i read about switch that if a switch does not know destination address then it will broadcast the frame except the port from where it was received..But question is that if a switch has 24 ports and it has learnt MAC addresses of suppos...

zahid3963 by Beginner
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Resolved! C9300 RSPAN not working

Hello. I'm trying to setup RSPAN to capture all the traffic come in and out of a switch port. I double checked all the configs but the traffic is not getting mirrored properly. Please see the attached diagram.  The server is connected to a 9300 switc...

vsurresh by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco NTP clock is unsychronised error

Hello Experts,I have recently configured NTP Server on my Cisco Router to point to a SuSE Server where chrony is running.Here are the relevant Commands and their outputs:router(config)#ntp server 1.5.XXX.22 preferrouter#show ntp confntp server 1.5.XX...

Resolved! Connection to switch disappeared

Brand new switch during first configuration disappears. went okay, but in 10.0.03 after change user and password I get to browse the menu on the left couple of minutes before network connection suddenly disappears and I never get back in ag...

P K by Beginner
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Resolved! 3850 stack IOS upgrade

Hi,Is it possible to upgrade the IOS on a cisco 3850 stack in a non disruptive way?Reloading 1 switch at a time?Or do you need to reload the entire stack at once, like a 3750 stack?

Error CDP on POE devices

There is a massive problem occurring on my network. specifically the IP cameras, they began to appear as IEEE PD devices, it does not identify them as Cisco devices and it is not possible to see them by CDP. I describe some points: - Occurs only wit...

arielquintana_0-1661606173967.png arielquintana_2-1661606423123.png arielquintana_3-1661606580187.png arielquintana_4-1661606647552.png

Resolved! suggestion for stack switches

Hello guys I'm searching to replace our Juniper stack switches to something supports three things in the same time: - at least 4 100g interfaces (QSFP28) - could be in a expansion module. - 48 RJ interfaces (1g) - 48 SFP+ interfaces (10g) all should ...

AbedB by Beginner
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SFP question on SFP-10G-SR vs. SFP-10/25G-CSR-S

Hello Everyone, I have a question regarding the 2 types of SFP: SFP-10G-SR vs. SFP-10/25G-CSR-S Scenario: Current in production: Cisco Catalyst 4500X have some SFP 10G, type: SFP-10G-SR; these ports are connected to various devices like routers, swit...

byme88 by Beginner
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CDMA NTP how to prepare for EOL

Hi Everyone,We've got some IR829 devices, when I run show ntp assoc I get the following output address ref clock st when poll reach delay offset disp*~10.X .CDMA. 1 252 1024 377 175.11 17.798 0.093~10.X .STEP. 16 - 1024 0 0.000 0.000 15937.I've not u...

zohan3469 by Beginner
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