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New VLAN breaks connectivity

Hello!I ran into something strange today. I have to reconfigure these old 2960's to carry a different vlan. For the sake of keeping things simple I'll say we have 4 vlans to work with. Currently the switch has vlan 1 (switch network), vlan 2 (server ...

surgebot by Beginner
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Packet capture core switches

what commands do we use to capture packets on C9300-48U switches ? I am trying to look into some packet losses occurring in our call centers. I am trying to do packet captures on the core switch CLI. (ssh'ed to the switch) 

Saiganesh by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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MDS SAN Switch cabling to HBA

Hi all,I have these MDS SAN Model: NAME: "Chassis", DESCR: "MDS 9148S 16G 48 FC (1 Slot) Chassis"I need to know the best practices to connect FO cabling from interface: example fc1/11 to HBA dual port destinationSA backup serverWhat I mean is that if...

dmfidalgo by Beginner
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Resolved! v-mismatch on H/W catalyst 9300

Hello everybodyI have a problem for stack switches that can't connect, the problem is v-mismatchnoted that the ios version is the same, but my question is:the system boot version is different, is that the problem cause? and how to solve also, the H/W...

Sudqi by Beginner
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Terminal CA PKI Enrollment

Good Morning/Afternoon,We have a security requirement to use CA enrollment in our environment that was recently announced. On several devices i will be using terminal/cut and paste because these devices cannot use SCEP for re-enrollment.I'am able to ...

jbulloch by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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