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Is there a method to find out the packing content of shipping box? For example “Catalyst 3750-E Switch Getting Started Guide” claim the AC power cable is enclosed, but there is no information about TwinGig Converter Module. Cisco Dynamic Configuratio...

I have a brand new c9200l-48p-4x where the PoE on the port suddenly stopped working. When I plug in a link runner, I get a link and it displays the interface vlan etc. However when I plug an WAP into the switchport, the WAP does not come on.I think  ...


Hey all,Long story short;I have a C2960G-24TC-L here that had sw version that was incapable of crypto keys. The goal being able to ssh into it..The state of this thing now is pretty much blank after after formating the flash like a dummy beacause of ...

On the right side with other ip's I made the same configuration as on the left. But now my AP does not want to take the right WLANs, but the WLANs from the left side. I really don't understand how. The new packet tracer is in the attachment. Password...

TS40 by Level 1
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Hi all,    I'm trying to configure and use MACsec but the only things I can have are REBOOT ! I've read different document from CISCO (I try to understand, I deduce but I'm never sure about what I do ...), even the good articles from @Tim Glen but my...

Please refer to the attached screenshotMy laptop dhcp request is failing in attached network. I have DHCP service enabled on ServerPT and disabled on Wireless Router. I want wireless router only to act as Access Point and I want laptop to get IP addr...

neetika by Level 1
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Resolved! Problems DHCP

My ap can connect to the laptop but it doesn't get ip from dhcp but I don't see why. Can someone take a look at this. Must be coming from Router first floor on the left side. Adding the configurations done would be a very big help.Thanks in advance

TS40 by Level 1
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We have standalone switch WS-C3850-24XS-E previously running version 16.6.5 later upgraded to 16.12.9.We found high alert - %PLATFORM-4-ELEMENT_WARNING: Switch 1 R0/0: smand: 1/RP/0: Used Memory value 91% exceeds warning level 90%Therefore we upgrade...

chnm by Level 1
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Hello. Help me please. I am have PoE switch Catalyst WC-2960CPD-8PT-L and 4 AP AIR-SAP2602E-E-K9. I am want connect and power AP to Catalyst, but via PoE not swith on mor than 1 AP.. If connect second or more acess points PoE indicator flashes orange...

HiI would like to have information regarding configuration for Nexus 93180YC-FX3 switches. I'm not familar with Nexus family (I managed until now only Catalyst). We plan to deploy this model of switch (93180YC-FX3 ) to connect our new Dell VxRail inf...

JCAA by Level 1
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    I have 2 3850 stacked switches running on ipbase license. I want to activate ipservices on both the switches. How can I achieve it? When I issued license-right-to-use detail, I can see that ipservices peirod left is lifetime and state is not acti...