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SFLOW collector is not getting the traffic

HI i am trying to send trafic to sflow connector  1 vrf to anotehr  wan vrf switch(config)#Route-map VRF_TO_EIGRPswitch(config-route-map)# match ip address 10switch(config-route-map)#exit!!switch#show ip access-lists 1010 permit

rajaayman by Beginner
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Resolved! 9400 chassis technology informations

Hello everyone,   I hope you are well.   Please, I need some clarification on the following questions :   1 - The card ''C9400-LC-24XS'' is't possible to use 12 ports in 1Gbps and 12 ports in 10Gbps (Simultaneous)or 24 ports with 1Gbps only or 24 por...

mnehar by Beginner
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Smart Licensing on Cisco 3850 switches

Hi Guys, i am having below query. i have one 3850 switch where smart license is unregistered.  sw#sh license summarySmart Licensing is ENABLED Registration:Status: UNREGISTEREDExport-Controlled Functionality: NOT ALLOWED License Authorization:Status:...

Noovi by Beginner
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Version mismatch issue in stack

Hi  I have stack of 5 switches 4 are C9300 NM 2Q 24ports and 1 C9300 NM 2Q 48 Port All the version are  1 Standby 6c03.097d.5a80 1 V05 Ready2 Member f87a.41be.ca00 1 V05 Ready3 Member f8a7.3af7.4600 1 V05 V-Mismatch (its same model but 48 P)*4 Active...

osman869 by Beginner
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Getting gratuitous arp in DHCP

I am using Cisco Cat 3850 as a core switch, in which there are almost 20 DHCP Server with Lease time 7 Days. The issue here is that when I execute SHOW IP DHCP CONFLICT there are too many gratuitous ARP. So the users IP are getting frequently changed...

C1000 to C1000 SPF+ C1000-48P-4X-L

Hello,we want to connect two C1000-48P-4X-L  switches over fiber and are using the following transceivers (10GTek 10G SFP+ SR Multimode Modul - 10GBase-SR LC Transceiver Kompatibel für Cisco SFP-10G-SR).Transceivers are shown and recognized but do th...

IT2022 by Beginner
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Supply Chain: 9200L

As I'm sure everyone here knows very well, Cisco has been very backed up with all of their products, but seemingly especially with the 9200L. I had read a comment a couple of months ago suggesting that Cisco is doing a better job of completely fillin...

How to detect console

Dears,is there any method to know if the console cable is connect to device or not ?we have switches in different location, some of them is connected with console cable, i am looking if there is any method to know if the device is connect with consol...

Munther by Beginner
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interface disconnects instantly nexus 3064

Hi, since I replaced my switch with a Nexus3064 I have a problem with DWDM networks I connect to this one. when there is a fiber cut interface disconnects instantly and create a flap of 2 seconds. DWDM network need 200ms for change master circuit to ...

SNTX by Beginner
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Resolved! Slow Telnet.

Hello allRecently we had a unintended reboot of our maine router (Cisco 6506) It looked fine and looked like the reboot went smooth. We are now experiencing extremely slow Telnet access, slow login and "rubber keys" when we try to enter a command in ...