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Nexus Core Switch

Good Day All,   We have a huge problem that might be small to some of you.   We have a nexus core switch which has the following configs;   interface Vlan3vrf member Trustip address dhcp relay address Wireless_Man...

mathemba by Beginner
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NTP Server

I am using a router as ntp server (it is master).And other devices on the network are configured as slave.When I run the show ntp status command, I check that the slave is not configured with the master address.Can someone help me ?To be more enlight...

eduangelo by Beginner
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Static ip address

Hello,   I have cisco core 4500 configured on it DHCP, The DHCP POOL configured and IP excluded range was configured too.   The PC's and Printer taking automatically the IP's, but when I setup static IP on PC & printer I can't ping the default gatewa...

Interface Tracking

I have the below query:- HSRP tracking allows to tracking of the status of the interface status for the line protocol- Based on that I allows to decrement or increment the priority. Would like to check is there any mechanism by which we can track the...

RS19 by Participant
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Resolved! WS-3850 / Replace default PWR-C1-1100WAC with PWR-C1-715WAC, possible ?

Hi to all, I didn't mean to have PWR-C1-1100WAC as default module into my switch (WS-C3850-48F-S), so i would like to know if i can replace this module with PWR-C1-715WAC ? My current 1100W module is noisy (fan noise) and i thinks that it will reduce...

Licence upgrade for 4500X VSS

My user distribution layer consists of a pair of 4500X-32 running XE 3.4.2.SG configured as VSS.  I want to upgrade the license from IP base to enterprise (because I need vrf-lite), and I want the upgrade to be seamless.  I also want to do it online,...

Resolved! NAT Doubts

Hello guys,I configured the internet output interface with the ip obtained through DHCP.Now I want to configure static NAT to allow external access to the HTTP server.But as the external address is the address obtained through DHCP.There will be time...

eduangelo by Beginner
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MX Network Setup Query

Hi folks, I hope someone can help me with this. I've attached a network diagram of my network setup but the problem I'm having is the MS120 devices are not connecting to the cloud nor am I getting internet connectivity from the MR42 device connected ...

Boost Activation ISR 4451

When I do License install bootflash:with the license name, I get a duplicate license error.  And I see the license in my flash.  So I assume the license is installed and that I just need to activate it.   But but the command license boot level Boost ...

cmparish5 by Beginner
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Bizarre 6509 Login Issue

Currently our WAN interfaces go directly into our VSS 6509 chassis. We purchased a pair of Palo Alto 5250's to sit between the WAN and 6509 chassis. The setup is a pair of 10gig interfaces in a Port channel up to the Palo's, which is all configured a...

jonhill by Beginner
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Need Help For SG350 Inter Vlan Routing Basics

Hi all together Im new with Cisco Switches. I need help to configure inter vlan routing.I already did some basic configuration on the webgui first. I took me 1 week to realize there is a advanced config setting :/. Eventhough im not able to configure...

image.png image.png image.png image.png
rb85 by Beginner
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